So what are some of the things any crafter needs in thier space. Well space of course, haha but as far as basic furniture goes, a desk/flat surface to work on place to store your assorted crafting items and of course a place to sit. For the past I don’t know how long at least 8 years, my craft space seating has consisted of a wooden chair with a pad and a pillow for back support. Let me tell you, long hours sitting in that chair doing anything are a sure way to back pain the next day. PAIN and Suffering BE GONE! I treated myself to a proper chair for crafting. One that feels great to sit in and supports the back.

TADA!  Happy Back 🙂


Pardon my mess, it really is hard when you don’t have a heck of a lot of room to work. Don’t you just love those hospital tile floors, so pretty. Thank you base housing for those. As you can see I find every little space possible to store things, lack of leg room under the desk isn’t that big a deal anymore. One step closer to my ideal crafting room 🙂

Happy Crafting!

Lady Blue


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