Happy New Year!

One of my resolutions/goals for the new year is to do something craft related each week. I decided that since I am moving later this year, sorting and getting rid of things I don’t like anymore or not using, qualifies as being involved with my craft items.  Yesterday I went to Michaels and purchased 3 photo boxes. (they are on sale right now) I went through my ribbon and put it in one box. Another box I gathered up my chipboard book parts and put them in there. The third box I filled with paper flower embelishments. For the boxes I already had I went through and made sure that what the label said was actually in the box. I added more of the same item to a couple and rearranged a bunch of things to make it fit better in my craft cabinet. I went through my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock and put it into binders. I also want to get a small binder (or repurpose one I already have) and have a page for each stamp set I own. I want to stamp the images on the page and have the stamp set name plus its location so I can find them easier when I need them. Also by having a visual aide I can hopefully find inspiration easier. 

Two cards I am working on making:

The first one will be the ones I send out when I get to my new address to let everyone know what it is.  The second one I am making for Valentines day. I have seen several really cute ones on Pinterest that use heart punched shapes. I have punched out a bunch of hearts from several kinds of paper.

this one http://pinterest.com/pin/244531454739460504/ 

or this http://pinterest.com/pin/244531454739446918/

or perhaps this http://pinterest.com/pin/34902965833939660/


Have a great New Year!

Lady Blue

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