Stamping Index Binder

I needed a way to know what stamps I have. One so I don’t buy something twice or exactly like it. I’d rather spend my money on ones I have nothing like. Two, so I can flip through the images and get inspiration for card making. To accomplish this goal I decided on a binder system and was going to take each stamp set out and stamp the images on to pages. Well I ran across this great site where a lady was doing the exact same thing.  However, she didn’t stamp them…..She copied them.

Heck ya! So I started the process of photocopying my stamp images. I’ve found out most of the A B C sets can be fit two to a page, then cut the page in half add holes for the binder. I’m adding reinforcement rings to the pages as well so they last longer in the binder. The size D sets have to be one per page and I end up cutting part of the picture off although it’s not enough to matter. In the top right corner of each page I write the stamp set number and name. Later I will also add a number/letter category that tells which bin I can find them in.

In my email today I received an offer for a free online block of the month class. It looked pretty cool (and yes is actually free) so I signed up.  Here is the link if you want to look into the site.

Happy Crafting

Lady Blue

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