What to do with Cardstock?

I have purchased packs of cardstock, pads, and acquired some from a couple of online yard sale ads along with my own scraps. I sorted out the precut and decided to put into a photobox. I used the indexing cards provided and added the dimensions of the paper included in the section by making a label. Here is a picture of box A. Box B had other sizes in it.

I have an accordion file system I use for my other scraps of cardstock. I considered going through them and cutting the larger ones to match the closest size possible in the photo boxes. I then decided I would leave them the way they are because I like to dig through that file for scraps to punch shapes from. Trimming it down may actually cause me to lose paper I could cut from.

My progress on my stamp indexing is going well. Here you can see that I have added a binder ring to the small crate and added a metal rimmed tag saying “one”. I’ve had these tags for quite a while and hadn’t found a use for them. I think they look great being added to each plastic crate.


Also in the picture you can see one of my photocopied stamp images with name included in the upper right corner. After I sort them all out I will write which crate number they belong in.

Have a great evening!

Lady Blue


2 thoughts on “What to do with Cardstock?

  1. Librarian Kat says:

    Looking good šŸ™‚

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