Stamp Ink Pad Storage

As of right now I keep my stamp ink pads in a drawer. It’s frustrating having to dig around to find a color. One day after I’m settled at the next place I plan to have a proper ink pad “shelf”. I have run across a couple handmade ones on pinterest over the past week that are pretty nice. This link takes you to instructions on how to build one out of wood. It’s a great shelf unit that I would like to make once I have the right things to build it with.

This next shelf unit (found at this link is made out of foam core board. Very economical choice but I’m not sure how well it would hold up to constant military moves. If you know you aren’t going to be moving again, you could probably get away with this one. I’ve also seen the foam board used to make a wide assortment of shaped cubbies from pen holders up to cube sizes big enough to put a cd case into.

My stamping index project is going on well, I am already done with crate one through four, just five and six left.

Happy crafting!

Lady Blue


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