Hello Monday

Over the weekend I finished up my stamp index binder. In each section I put a piece of small notebook paper at the beginning and listed the names of the stamps included in that section. This way I can flip to that list if I am looking for a specific set.

I was browsing Pinterest this morning and ran across a pin for Tim Holtz 12 tags of 2013. Tim does altered art which I like a lot of. I really like cogs and watch parts, film strips. I have several of his products already. This link takes you to his blog where he shows how he makes the altered art tag. http://timholtz.com/12-tags-of-2013-january/ A really fun project.

On Wednesday I am going to an altered art lunch box class available at our Base Arts and Crafts center. I called this morning to see if there was a spot available etc. Come to find out I’m the only person to even call to do the class. Shame there aren’t more people interested in this type of project. The lady on the phone said part of my project will include my name which will be cut from wood. I think it sounds fun and I will enjoy a little about being the only person there. More one on one time for me and who knows, maybe be sent home with some extra goodies. I’ll post a picture of my project after I am done.

Have a great week!

Lady Blue.

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