Sticky Stuff!

In my previous post about the altered box I mentioned some awesome double-sided sticky tape that I just HAD to find out where to buy because it was super awesome! (can you tell I really like it lol) Well I messaged the A & C shop and asked her who made it where can I purchase it etc. She saved me the hassle of going online to track it down and said I could by a roll directly from them! Woohooo! So awesome. So here it is:

The inside of the cardboard ring it is on says JDS Industries INC for anyone who wants to search the internet for places to buy some. It is primarily used in making awards, such as attaching the brass engraved plaque to a trophy. It’s called Tesa Tape and the roll is 1/2 inch wide length 36 yards. Lots of crafting fun to be had with that! Here is a link to JDS Just put “tesa tape” in the search box to see the different sizes they offer. I’m not sure if they sell to individuals or just in bulk to shops. If you have access to a mil base that has a trophy/arts and crafts shop, see if they carry it and are willing to sell you a roll. Ours charged me $10.00 and I felt that was pretty fair. Oriental trading has a pack of three different sizes of a different kind of double-sided tape that totals 15 feet for $8.50. Paper wishes ( ) has a version that is 18 feet long for $4.29, plus I would have to pay shipping on top of that. I may stock up on a couple more rolls before I move haha.

Stick with it!
Lady Blue


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