Project Ideas

I love hitting up places like Ross, TJ Maxx and Tuesday Mornings (and places just like them) where you can find crafty items for a great discount. A couple of days ago while browsing around I ran across this great little kit of small easels and mats to decorate:
The kit had 12 little mats and two easels so I spilt them up and gave half of them to my daughter to craft with. I think what I want to do with them is add paper and metal embellishments. Maybe have a different theme for each or a different season/holiday. Not quite sure yet.

Another thing I found was on our FB yard sale page, it’s a small frame missing the glass:
About 13 inches long and four inches wide. Going to do something craft room related with it. Perhaps half cork and half saying of some kind.

I will post pictures later of what I come up with. Off to Pinterest for some inspiration!

Enjoy your Monday!
Lady Blue


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