I “C” You

I swung by Ross on the way home from an appointment to look for more of the mini canvas sets. They had a pack and I also found this letter C.

letter c

Excuse the quality, had to use my cell phone camera instead of my good camera. (ran the battery out snapping pictures of an owl in the tree out back haha) I envision adding some patterned paper and embellishments. Something like this but my own style: http://www.favecrafts.com/master_images/Decorating%20Ideas/PolkaDotS.jpg. I like the idea of adding some fun ribbon. I’d also like to add the word Create along the vertical section of the letter.

In my supplies I have some small mirrors that I am still trying to find a use for. They are about mug coaster size (4 inch diam) and round. I keep doing searches to see if I can find a great way to use them other than gluing to the inside of some box, but I keep coming up empty. I know don’t want to break them to use in a mosaic setting.

One of my other supplies I really love (have not used very often) is Washi tape. There are so many patterns and widths. It is so fun to use! Here are a couple of pins I made last year. The Michelle one has a strip of Washi tape that looks like measuring tape.



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