Mini Album – Gift Card Holder

Was browsing my favorite place for ideas (Pinterest of course) and found this great little video for how to fold a sheet of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper into a mini album or gift card holder.

I thought I CAN DO THAT! I went to my papers and began digging. Five pieces were chosen and I began to fold them like the lady in the video. Several viewing/rewind/pause in key spots later and I now have the five mini albums to add embellishments to. I will skip the folding process via photographs because it really is easy and you can figure it out from the video


I started digging around in my embellishments box and found a few tags and library card stickers that I like and have just poked into each for safe keeping. These might get switched out before I am done. I am also going to add some paper flowers, clips, and chipboard letters.


I will post more pictures later,
Happy Crafting!

Lady Blue


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