Paper Bag Mini Album

Browsing around the internet I ran across a fun craft and followed it to the creators site to see the step by step process she took in making this cute mini album from paper bags
It is such a fun site I will be going back again to check out other projects she has come up with. For now here are some pictures I took of the mini album I began making yesterday. It still has a few parts needing to be added.

In her instruction she has four bags, I could only scrounge up three in my recycle bags pile. These are slightly larger than the “normal” lunch bag but considerably smaller than the one they pack your groceries into. This is usually the one they have your ice cream inside. Here they are shown folded as she instructed. The bone folder (or similar tool) is a must to help make a nice hard crease through the many layers of paper.

This is showing the bags on end after I added the card stock “binding” and jump rings:

Next picture shows the edges as the album “pages” are folded shut. You can just make out where I sewed the one area shut to create a nice pocket like the original crafter did.

This next picture shows after I completed cutting and adhering my papers to fit MY specific paper bag pages. The original crafter makes a huge point of telling you not to follow her measurements since all bags won’t measure out the same. I have also added some flower shapes to the page.

Final picture shows another couple pages and some flowers added to one of them.

I am going to add some more elements to the pages and I also need to make three tags to go into the pockets that were created when I sewed the bags. I will also have some journal spots and ribbons, stickers, etc.

Pretty fun and easy project using recycled materials. I think it would be even easier with “normal” lunch bags since they aren’t as heavyweight as these ones are.

Have a great crafting week!
Lady Blue

4 thoughts on “Paper Bag Mini Album

  1. twistnpout says:

    WOW is that a photo of your studio space on your banner? Gorgeous.

  2. twistnpout says:

    Oh love the paper bag album project too.

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