Goodies From Shopping

One of the ladies whose videos I watch (she has awesome tutorials for many things) also had a few videos of her shopping hauls from different craft stores. I wasn’t going to go to the extent of video taping what I bought but I took a couple pictures.

I went to Tuesday Mornings yesterday. I love shopping here on occasion for crafting paper since you can get a whole pack of the same thing for a great price. It’s the packs a scrapbook store would receive that they sell by the page. They also have Tim Holtz stuff there from time to time and it’s great to pick up some things of his.

This first picture shows a package of grunge board shapes from Tim Holtz, also a tool for making holes in chipboard, and a package of pearl type elements. I also found a packet of canvas tags that were marked an additional 20% off. Last there are three packets of decorative nails.


This next picture is three packs of paper. Two of them are “moulin rouge Paris” type theme and the third is letters. One of the Paris papers is regular double sided pages (one showing the mime and the Eiffel tower) while the other is double sided punch out parts. The third pack is punch out alphabet letters. Each of these packs contain 25 12 x 12 pages. The 8 x 10 sized pack of paper is assorted color chipboard.

So ordinarily some would be “OK so whats the big deal, you bought some crafting stuff”. The prices are the big deal! The most expensive item is one of the paper packs which sells normally for $39.99 but was marked down to $5.99. If this pack was put in a normal scrapbook store each individual page may even make the entire pack cost more. The rest of the items were marked down in similar awesome ways. I calculated it out based off of original price plus tax and it would have cost $171.71. I paid $39.38 a savings of a WHOPPING $132.33!!!! Great stuff, love this store and happily my next place when we move, has one an hours drive away.

Have a great week!

Lady Blue


One thought on “Goodies From Shopping

  1. Librarian Kat says:

    Good job. Way to save 🙂

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