Birthday Fun, Smash Book, & Sewing

So I had a birthday since I last posted and my hubby indulged my crafting obsession by taking me to Michaels where I picked up a couple of goodies. Some paper packs, things for smash books and a new rotary paper cutter. I ordered a couple of packs of DCWV paper from Amazon. Love their paper it is so fun. I also have been looking everywhere for library card pockets and found a great deal on those on Amazon too. Additionally I’ve been looking for things to add to my smash book. I found several printable images I can cut out and add to pages. Here is a link to my Pinterest “craft printable” board and you can see the ones I have printed so far.

I forgot to mention that my daughter and I hit up a Steampunk Convention a couple weekends ago. We saw tons of fun items we both want to copy. Trying to be thrifty I have been looking for things I can re-purpose. One great find I got was a leather dress. LOL who would wear a leather dress. It’s terrible I’m telling you BUT, with a little reworking it can become a long coat. The leather itself is in great shape and a very nice color of brown, perfect for a jacket. I picked up a Simplicity pattern #2172 that I am going to use parts of the pattern for the coat to modify this dress. Here you can see some Pinterest pins of how various people have used that pattern to create costumes/outfits I’m thinking of ditching the ruffle that several images show. I need to decide what color to use for a lining since the leather dress doesn’t have one; and I’m also considering using two tones of leather to complete the look. Should be an interesting project. I also found a black leather skirt that we are going to turn into a purse/pouch for my daughter. She wants something she can wear on a belt or on a strap in a cross-body style. Might be able to use some of the leather towards my coat project.

Have a great week!

Lady Blue


2 thoughts on “Birthday Fun, Smash Book, & Sewing

  1. I love your blog and inspirations and boy do I know about dreaming of a craft room too!! Lol ~ And… I nominated you for the Liebster award!

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