Storage, Library Cards, & Steampunk Crafts

While at Hobby Lobby last week I saw this great cabinet. When I went back on Monday with my daughter and it was still there I snatched it up quick. I love it lol. The drawers are all large enough to fit 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. Right now it is hanging out in the dining room, empty, I will fill it up once we have moved. I have been using a 5 drawer mini dresser thing I got for my daughter when she was a baby to keep her clothes in before we got her nice dresser. (When she outgrew it I re-purposed it for craft items.) The new cabinet will be much nicer and I will use the other one for sewing supplies instead.


My library card pockets came in the mail too, already doing research on fun ways to use them (other than putting them into books haha). Was a great bargain for 500 of them, paid around five cents a piece.


The next picture shows this great little box I found at the antique thrift shop place. It is supposed to be for a doll and its clothes but I saw it as a great item to use for Steampunk prop. I’m turning it into an “explorers case”.



Here it is after painting the inside black and making some shelves for it using foam-core board. The shelves aren’t glued in yet. I will also be adding a shelf above the books area. I painted it less “thick” to give it the worn look. I have an idea for the outside that I haven’t started yet.


Close-up of one of the shelves.


Detail of the “cubbies” created to keep the little bottles separate


While at the Steampunk convention daughter and I found a lady who was selling assorted cheap pocket-watches and we got two of them. Mine had a man fishing showing on the front which I didn’t care for but it didn’t matter since I was covering it with something else. I added some gears and other parts to a piece of jewelry used for making a broach or necklace pendant. I think it turned out great.


Last picture shows a couple coin pockets I have inked using Tim Holtz distressing ink. I was testing out how it would look and I will be making more. These will be used in my smash book and other assorted projects. There is an octopus I have added wings to. This will be a pin when I have finished it and be part of the steampunk costume. Finally in the picture are some of the little bottles for the case earlier in the post. I printed out some “labels” and added them using regular Elmers glue watered down a bit. I then added a little distressing ink to make them look aged.


Been having fun crafting, hope you are too!

Lady Blue


5 thoughts on “Storage, Library Cards, & Steampunk Crafts

  1. What fun! I’m jealous of the cabinet you found. Oh, the things I could tuck away in there!

  2. twistnpout says:

    What awesome finds! A Steampunk convention??? What??? I’m gonna look for one of these in my area. And I am sooooo happy to say, we now have a Hobby Lobby in our neighborhood! but that could be a bad thing. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Librarian Kat says:

    Everything looks really cool. Glad you are blogging about it so I can see what you’re doing.

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