April is National Earth Month..

So what does that mean for a crafter? Time to get out those items you can re-purpose or recycle to make something new and fun.

I’ve been a tad under the weather and then playing catch-up with everything so I have not done any crafting lately. Shameful isn’t it. So today I will share a few links to some wonderful crafts others have made that go along with the April theme of recycling (or up-cycling)

First up in the garden department we have this great way of using old doors to make a small garden shed. Very cute idea and would be very useful for a small yard that you cannot put a large shed in.


door shed

Next is sewing. Need a unique wine bottle cover but cannot knit or crocet? Here’s the answer: re-purposed sleeves from sweaters. Dress up the neck with some holiday ribbon, faux fur or beaded border ribbon. Don’t forget your handmade gift tag!

sweater bottle

Finally for paper-crafters we have the toilet paper roll. There are so many uses for the roll other than sitting in your bathroom lovingly handing out paper squares. Here are a couple videos where you can see how use them to create a mini album. Just remember to smash that roll really flat for best results.

Enjoy and happy recycling

Lady Blue

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