6 x 6 Mini Album Foundation

So I keep seeing this great little album with flaps and pockets that you can add goodies too. Well I found a video where this lady shows you how to make the foundation album you then add your own papers to. You can make up several of these in assorted card-stock colors that correspond to different seasons/occasion and then add the fun papers and extras as you see fit. Example, red card-stock for use with Valentines paper or Christmas paper. Or Orange/Black to make Halloween album. Having the foundation completed is over half the project so it would cut your time at least in half to make something fun for yourself or to give as a gift. Below is the video I used to make my foundation album. I was using my cell phone at the time to watch it and was still able to get all the great information I needed from it; so using your computer to watch will make it even easier for you. (I just paused when I needed to see her specific measurements) I used whatever 12 x 12 white card-stock I had, my Martha Steward scoring board, and that wonderful 3 in 1 Advanced Crafter’s Glue I raved about in a previous post.

Her steps to make the foundation album:

After doing all that here is mine:
Folded up. You may see my mark (suggested by her) telling me where the top is.


Showing the three “sections”. You will notice where I attached a flap, that will be covered by whichever paper I decide to use.


One of the sections opened up to show the two pockets created in the final step. She says in her tutorial you can choose which ever way you want your flap pockets to end up based on what side of the flap you attach the paper in that step. I choose to have them where the pocket opening is at the top when the flap is opened.


Here is another video she did showing this foundation album after it had been decorated with vintage inspired paper. I will post one of mine once I have added papers and tags.

So much fun, I cannot wait to make more!

Lady Blue

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