Crafting Slump & Where Are Those Darn Envelopes??

So hard to do any crafting when you have visitors staying over lol. Love my Mom to death but I feel rude sitting in my craft area ignoring here while she is here. I have been watching several videos on you tube from crafters I have saved on Pinterest. One topic that I have enjoyed is altered pages. The ladies have been using a product called Gesso (said like “jess-o”). It is applied to the page in assorted ways (painting on or using a brayer) to thicken up and seal the page for adding other things, like inks and embellishments. I have a couple sketch pads I have not used yet and I am considering using those to try this out, though I am not sure if the paper is the right kind. I will have to do a test run and see if it just makes a huge mess. Of course I need to go buy some Gesso first.

While watching a mini album tutorial (with the sound off) the lady showed some really cute small envelopes that were cut to look like lace and had a small card to go inside. I thought they were really cool and tried to see the name of the product from the video. It was too blurry/small to make out. When I went back later to watch it with the volume on my computer had gone through an update and the link was no longer up. I couldn’t find the video again so I have been doing Google searches, watching Pinterest video pins I have done and anything else I can think of lol, all to no avail. I cannot find this darn video or the product used. GRR, I should have book marked it or something. If by chance you have any clue what I am talking about, please post the link in the comments. I still would like to find them. They looked to be about two inches by three inches. The packet had an assortment of styles in it and the cards and envelopes both had cutouts. One of the envelopes she showed had the entire thing cut out like lace. It was not made using a doily folded over.

Have a great weekend!
Lady Blue

One thought on “Crafting Slump & Where Are Those Darn Envelopes??

  1. twistnpout says:

    It is hard to create with company. SOmetimes I give them a job to do like sort beads or use a shaped punch to punch out a bunch of shapes. But if I am trying to come up with an idea it can be difficult to do that while chatting. I found that if I prepare and have all the pieces layed out I know I will need for a design, it makes it a bit easier to work while I chat because them I am just basically assembling and not using much brain power.
    Well, hope you have a good weekend too.

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