Daily Napkins by Nina Levy

Haven’t been able to do any crafting since I’ve been packing it all away. Just doing a bit of doodling here and there which isn’t worthy of posting pictures of. However I have someone else’s “doodling” to mention. Her name is Nina Levy and she does a daily drawing on her child’s napkin she puts in their lunchbox. I saw a segment about her on a daily morning news program. These napkins aren’t for wiping faces with they are just there to say something fun to her boy’s in the form of a picture and small message. Her way of the “little note in your lunchbox”.

Here is the link to her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dailynapkins?fref=ts

And also a link to her Blog: http://ninaslevy.blogspot.com/ .

Another link to her web page featuring sculpture and photographs http://ninalevy.com/

Her work is beyond amazing. She also does many other forms of art.

Napkin art

Enjoy looking at her napkin art and the story behind each picture.

Have a great day!

Lady Blue

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