Unpacking goes pretty quickly when you already know where certain stuff goes. Only problem occurs when you decide to put things in a different place than before. One of those things is a 12 cubbie shoe holder I have been using to organize different items. It looks like this one here but in white:

At the old house I had to have it stacked on the top portion of my craft desk. Well now on the top of my desk are 15 shoe box organizers. Reason for part of this change is that the top of my white craft cabinet was broken during the move. It is similar to this one with four doors instead of two :

So since the top is all flopping about and needing something to give it stability, I came up with the thought of shoving the shoe organizer inside the cabinet. Question is, would it fit and is it tall enough to give the top support so I can put things up there. After a couple of insertions and adjustments and help from the husband, we did get it in there and its holding the top up.

Tada! (please excuse the lower quality pictures, I’m using my phone since my camera is buried somewhere in the house lol)
shoe cubbie
As you can see I have a space to the side of it where I can slide several items such as cutting boards for sewing etc. Only problem with doing this is I lost out on the use of two shelves.

Hence the 15 shoe box organizers on top of the other desk.

This also resulted in having to find a new home for my craft idea books that also used to occupy space on top of my desk. Those got moved to the top of my 8 x 10 paper organizer. It used to have misc junk on there that had nothing to do with crafting anyway.


During a move you always pray you don’t loose anything and nothing important gets broken. I have two crafting casualties right now, besides the cabinet, and they are both tote box lids. Cracked and broken beyond repair.
broken lid

Other than that, it seems everything I have found so far survived the move in one piece. I’m still hunting down my cutting mat, long ruler, lamp, and a few other items but I know there are still a couple boxes in the attic I need to open.

Have a great crafting week!
Lady Blue

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