More Unpacking and a New Toy!

Oh my gosh when does it stop?!?!?! haha

I have found the missing items I mentioned before in the post a few days ago. They were in a box in the living room of all places. Need my label maker but I know it’s in a box that was with my secretary desk contents so when I actually tackle that part I will find it and can finish up with organizing my craft space.

I have a couple of shelves that were just sitting around doing nothing at the old house (pfff they were still in the box) and I think they will look good on the wall over the books I showed previously. I have some small jars of buttons and other embellishments that would always sit on my desk space but I am trying to clear as much stuff off of there so I can use it properly. The shelves served no purpose before so this will be a win win situation I think.

Between the craft/office space and the bedroom were these doors:


You may say “oh my they are so pretty I’d love to have some like that”. Well ordinarily I would agree with you but in this case the doors were a pain in the butt. Off to the left of the doors you’ll see the corner of the room (bedroom) and putting anything in that space while having to fight with the door being in the way when open is not much fun.

So we took them off (note the light in the other room, that shines right in the husbands face when he lays in bed and the white tension rod I have added to the top of the door space):


And because I don’t always go to bed when the husband does, and that light is annoying to him (and the hinges are ugly), I re-purposed some curtains I cannot use here on any window. You can see in the picture where water has messed up the fabric. This was due to a leak in the bedroom window we didn’t know about at the other house. I had previously altered these tab top curtains to work on a smaller rod I had so now the tabs won’t work for anything else.


So I chopped them off:


After chopping off the tabs my plan was to sew on an area to slide a pole through. Then I didn’t feel like dragging out the sewing machine I haven’t unpacked yet so I got lazy and was just going to use some safety pins until I felt like completing the work properly. Probably the same time I would add about six inches of fabric to the bottom and also a piece across the damaged part to make it look extra fun and pretty. Well I picked up the curtain from the bottom on accident when getting ready to pin it and low and behold the bottom contained a ready-made section I could slide the pole through.

So TADA!! My upside down half finished curtain project:


As you can see they don’t go to the floor and that is why I would like to add some pretty fabric.

So my husband cannot help a whole lot with putting stuff away, since as the woman of the house I’m the one who knows best where everything was and where it should go now, he felt bad sitting around not doing much. He rewarded my work by telling me (among other things like foot rubs and what-not) that I could get some “big-ticket item” I have been wanting. Well only thing I have been wanting but held off til we moved has been this:


No more hand cranking to emboss or die cut! Woo hoo, save a wrist or two. Which I will need after all the box opening and paper cramming etc etc. It came in the mail today and I am excited to check out how it works.

Happy crafting!
Lady Blue

3 thoughts on “More Unpacking and a New Toy!

  1. twistnpout says:

    Are you going to add fabric to the bottom of the existing curtains? SOmething colorful or bold might be pretty.
    Lucky you! I have been researching embossing/die cut machines for several months now. I just can’t decide on one. i have tried the Big Kick (I think that is what it’s called) and I didn’t think the hand cranking was too bad. My main concern is 1- storing the accessories. I really don’t want a bunch of big bulky blocks to store. 2- versatility. It has to emboss and cut and cut a variety of materials including thin metal. 3- I don’t want to be limited to using only one brand of cutters and embossers. It would be ideal to have the option to make my own designs on the computer and use the machine to do the cutting – but I have given up on that. I’d love to hear how this new machine works for you. If you have any recommendations, I’d like to hear about that too if you can find time , with all your unpacking and reorganizing. 🙂

    • Blue Crafty says:

      Yes I will eventually add fabric to the curtain.

      The nice thing about the Ebosser is you can use any die from any manufacturer in there. The plates you put the dies between are the size of an 8 x 10 paper roughly so storing them would be no more difficult than a pack of paper. I have carpal tunnel issues and a prior surgery from it so cranking the plates through the Sizzix big shot or even farther back using the old Sizzix lever action machine, made my wrist hurt over time. Especially with the bigger dies trying to go through since it was extra tight. I have tried out a sizzlets die (the thin metal ones) and it worked great. The embossing folders work great too. I have not attempted a bigger die yet and I also have not tried an embossing AND cutting type combo die. So I’ll let you know how that turns out once I do. So far I am liking the Ebosser. I do also have a Cricut machine for cutting and I LOVE that too. 🙂

      • twistnpout says:

        Wow well, thanks for the info. There are so many to choose from, i think I am about to narrow it down though.

        Thanks for the reply.
        Have a great weekend

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