Busy Busy

Since you know I just moved then you’ll understand I have been busy getting the house sorted out. I have managed to do a couple little things crafty. But first we will discuss the shelves I was going to hang over the books.

I figured out where I wanted to place them and drug out my step stool, lined up the nail to start a hole and hit it with the hammer…… The wall told me “NO”. Ya the wall is solid concrete so that plan has been thwarted. I did find some great command strip Velcro tabs for hanging things so I have used those in a couple areas. However, the other shelves are way too thin to be able to get the right “grip” on the wall. I will find a new place for them elsewhere.

Since I couldn’t hang those shelves for the little jars I hooked the whole other shelf thing I had been using (is actually a ribbon holder minus the dowel) to the wall using the strips. The top of the little holder makes for an additional surface and currently is holding my distressed inks. Above the little shelf I added my magnetic whiteboard where I try to keep track of my daughter’s online school work lol.


Over here in this little spot near the door I have hung up my note board I made by re-purposing a door to my entertainment center. I also finally used my Clip It organizer. I’m using it for assorted ribbon rather than having the ribbon jammed in a box. It is sitting on that great drawer unit I picked up at Hobby Lobby a few months back.


Ok now on to crafty projects. I have several stepping stone type decorations. The one you see below had sat in the S Carolina weather and faded out the colors. It was pretty much the same boring grey all over. So I got out my paints and brightened it back up. I’m also going to put several layers of hard coat Modge Podge on it for protection.


I have a collection of movie ticket stubs from all the movies I have been to see. I have been trying to come up with a cool way to keep them rather than just shoved in some bag or box. After looking on Pinterest for some ideas I came up with this:

First I chose paper for the front and back and put those plus some chipboard covers (see here for when I bought them: https://bluecrafty.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/paper-and-haul/ ) into my Cinch to add the holes. I chose that specific size so it would fit into the little box I have been hanging on to.


Here you see the little book plus base pages bound with spiral next to the box I’m going to decorate.


And here it is fitting nicely into the box like I hoped it would.


I have already started decorating the box top and I will show that in a future post once I progress with the book further.

Hope all of you have been enjoying your own crafting

Lady Blue