Ticket Book & Fall Wreath

As I mentioned in my last post I started on making a little book to store all my movie tickets. You can see a couple of pictures of how the book began in that post. From that point I hit a mental roadblock on how I wanted to proceed with the book. However I did think of a fun way to decorate the lid to the box.

What I did was mod podge the popcorn paper into the center and then edged it with extra ticket stubs cut down. I had a title made up from when I originally was going to make a scrapbook page but using it on the lid kinda took away from how cute it looks like this.


So I am going to put the title on the interior of the lid like so:


After completing that and looking at some more inspiration I decided how I was going to finish the book. One of the things holding me back was what to do with the pages. I had cut some manila folders to use as the pages and some of them had the logo on them. Covering them with decorative paper to cover it up would require taking the book back apart and re punching a bunch of holes. Sounded too much like work instead of fun. I decided to use some black Gesso canvas primer to create a border and then added some decorative paper in the centers.

Like this:


In the picture you can also see where I made one page smaller than the others. I did this alternating through the book having the smaller page near the top or the bottom.

Next came the task of adding parts of that scrapbook page I had already started that contained several of my tickets already glued down. I took the piece and cut it down, folded it, hole punched the corners to give it a ticket stub shape. Then I decorated the cover with more popcorn paper, bit of washi tape and some rub on letters. All tucked into a cute little “pocket” on the inside cover of the book. By the way do NOT use Beacon 3 in 1 crafting glue (amazing glue) to glue ticket stubs or receipts to anything if they are paper like the ones in the photo. Something about the glue causes the heat transfer qualities of the paper to completely black it out. Thankfully it only did it on a minor level on two tickets since I had glued them with something else first and was only doing some touch-ups. Test on a scrap of ticket stub or receipt first so you don’t ruin a special memento. On the rest of the tickets I used double sided tape.

Here is how that turned out along with page #1 of the book:


The little embellishments stick up off the page and add some nice dimension to it. The little ticket on the left page keeps the mini book from falling out the bottom.

Here are the next two pages:

I still have 15 double sided pages to use in the future so lots of room for more tickets. Not sure how I want to dress up the cover yet but front and back both have a pocket where things can be tucked in. I also am thinking of ways to finish off the exterior of the wooden box.

Ok on to the next thing I’ve done, a Fall wreath.

I saw a post on a facebook “I made this” page of a wreath a lady made. I asked her a couple questions about it and she provided me this link for the instructions she followed. http://millionmoments.net/2013/01/how-to-make-yarn-wreath.html Off I went and bought my supplies of foam ring circle, glue, yarn and fall leaf deco. (The spray glue is really important). Sat down today and began work on it while trying to relax a headache away. Wind wind wind wind.

And tada here is my wreath hanging on my door:


Hubby likes it and I think it turned out great.

Happy Fall and crafting!
Lady Blue

2 thoughts on “Ticket Book & Fall Wreath

  1. Librarian Kat says:

    Nice crafts. The movie ticket book is super cute.

    • Blue Crafty says:

      Thanks! I’m glad I finally finished it so I don’t have movie stubs collecting all over the place getting lost. Now I can put them in the box if needed before adding them to a page in a group.

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