New Ideas for Old Supply Stash.

Many years ago I bought a kit of scrap-booking supplies off HSN or QVC (been so long I cannot remember for sure). The kit came with four different sized adhesive backed papers, sticker tabs, borders, metal ringed tags, card-stock tags, and some other “sticker” type items. It was a great set of paper and embellishments for a great price. I have used several of the tags and stickers but the paper has sat there waiting. Last week I discovered a purpose for the 2 x 12 strips of that paper. Here is a picture of those strips:

As you can see, some of the pattern ones aren’t exactly “to die for”.

I have been seeing a lot of pennant banner type things coming out. Like this one:

banner card

I figured why buy those little banner stickers (because they do sell them) when I can make my own. So I cut up a strip of the wood grain and the cork board papers and here is what I got:


Well they turned out pretty nice so while I was at it I might as well cut up every 2 x 12 strip into them so I have a ready assortment of colors for any project possibility. AND even better, they already have a sticky backing so I don’t have to hunt down glue or tape etc. I even kept the tiny leftover pieces from each end in case they could be handy for something lol. They actually will fit together to make another banner triangle and can be two colors.


So there you have it, a way to re-purpose stash to a more useful embellishment option. I think from some of the larger pieces of paper I’ll make some different shaped ones.

I’ve been working on a Halloween mini album this week too. I’m really enjoying it and will show it when I am done. If you want to see how to make an album base (blank book you can add any topic you want to it) like the one I am using then head on over to Youtube and watch this video by Kathy Orta for the binding system: (she has tons of wonderful project ideas, love her videos) And for the pages I got my information from Cassie Keith Her second video to that one also shows Kathy Orta’s binding system and also how to complete the cover in the same fashion as Kathy. She goes pretty quick in the video but you can figure it all out. I am definitely going to be making more of the base books to turn in to assorted topics, already have a sewing/crafting one in mind and my daughter has insisted I make her one too lol.

Happy Scrapping!
Lady Blue

2 thoughts on “New Ideas for Old Supply Stash.

  1. This is such a helpful and great idea, love it!

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