Working On My Art Journal

Since I started watching all these really cool videos on you tube of art journal artists I kept seeing Junk journals. What the heck is a junk journal? Well it is exactly that, junk lol. You collect bits and pieces of papers and put them all in a form of a journal. What is it for? It was explained very nicely by one of the ladies I enjoy watching for inspiration, Jennibellie. Here is the video Please watch because she does a nice job of explaining them, plus she has a wonderful accent. In summary, a scrapbook is a place you make pages in to add your photos, this has a controlled aspect to what you are doing, pretty papers, organized embellishments and photos and a journal spot usually. A smash book is a pre-made junk journal with pretty papers for background, that you add scrapbook type items into but with more freedom and less thinking than the “normal” scrapbook. An art journal is a book made or bought in which you paint, collage, do art in. This may or may not have writing, it is up to the artist. A junk journal is a hand made book of found items you have, envelopes, old cards, papers, etc and you can jam whatever you want into it. Since I hoard things that can be used again I figured what better way than to put them into a junk journal. Here is what I came up with:


There would be far to many pictures if I showed every page so this is just a side view. I have included a few manilla envelopes, random pieces of 8 x 11.5 paper folded in half, old receipt book parts, the dividers you get in the shoebox sized storage box that I have so many of. All kinds of things. The cover is a chunk of cardboard that came from a large envelope a stencil I ordered came in. My daughter has the other half of it and we put together some junk pages for her too. Was pretty fun jamming all the different things into the book that can be written on, glued to, drawn on etc. The sections are held in with string.

While watching the great videos from my subscribed list I felt inspired to make a few art journal pages of my own. I’ve already posted a couple of pages from my large journaling book with the spiral in it. The spiral kind of “stares” at you some days and I decided this time to use my smaller one I made. (I showed this book last time I posted) Since the book is bound by thread, the pages lay right next to each other without spiral interruption. It makes a nicer transition from left to right page for a two page spread.

I have a hard time calling myself an artist but I am. All of us who do any art whether it’s writing, sewing quilts, photography, art journaling. We are all artists. An artist is not just someone who can paint or write and then able to sell it, or have it seen by many people somewhere. I figured it was a good way to start off my new book by making this page that says: Believe in your: Art, Self, Dreams. Just a little reminder to myself when I doubt I can create or think of myself as something other than an artist, or never think my dreams will come true.


On this page I did watercolors for the background, added some color spray on the side using a stencil, stamped over it with a leafy vine that I went back over with a couple of my pens to make it pop more. I also stamped it onto a piece of old book paper. On the paper I painted the leaves in and distressed the edges. I stamped the first part of the words and then wrote each of the last three myself.

This next spread is mostly about the texture. I wanted something on the page that visually popped showing you could touch it and feel the different things added to it.


I first cut up a bunch of pieces of colored mulberry paper and other handmade papers with texture to them, additionally velum. It was supposed to be a page about color but once I got these glued down I didn’t like it lol. So I went a different way with it by first covering over the papers with gesso to tone down how bold they looked. Then I went over it with some blue paints. Next I got out the stamp and put images on each page which I colored in using white, black and some silver pens. I have not glued down the two pieces of white paper. I plan on adding my blurb on them I just haven’t nailed down where I will glue them or what blurb I want to use.


Here you can see all the cool texture of the paper from an angle. If you click on the image and go to the largest size, you get a really cool view of the crackle paint and corrugated paper I used.

As always, if you have any questions about things I have made or the products used, please leave me a comment. I hope you are having a great week and doing some art of your own.

Lady Blue

2 thoughts on “Working On My Art Journal

  1. Librarian Kat says:

    Of course you are an artist! You make great things and are very creative. I’ll get to do some sewing today too 🙂

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