FB Game Art Journal Page

No we aren’t talking candy crush or farmville or any of those kind of games haha. This “game” is one where someone is given a number for how many things about themselves they should share. People who like the post are then given a number from them to continue on with their own post with the requested amount of comments. I was given #12 by my sister-in-law.

I decided after I did my post that it would make a fun way to do a page in my art journal and here it is.


I used my large book and first covered the page with gesso, then added acrylic paint in a way that was to resemble the setting sun. In the darkest part of the page there are small specks of white and silver to represent stars. When I showed to my husband he thought it resembled her sitting in the entrance to a cave. I drew the lines on using a wavy ruler and then colored them in with black and white. I chose enough spaces to allow for my 12 comments plus one for a brief explanation of the page. The silhouette in the corner was a printout onto card-stock that I then cut out and glued to the page. I used rub ons to label each section by number and then hand wrote using a silver pen. For being the first page of “journaling” I really like how it turned out.

Hope you are inspired in your own art and have a great weekend!

Lady Blue


3 thoughts on “FB Game Art Journal Page

  1. twistnpout says:

    ahhhhh so that is how the game works. I’ve seen a few posts, but haven’t participated.

  2. Librarian Kat says:

    Awesome! You are so creative. I feel stuck in a rut making things for the craft fair in three weeks. Then I can start being creative again 🙂

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