Normality Page

I’ve never claimed to be normal, in fact I pretty much call myself weird. Some people like it some people don’t and that is fine. I am me and that is all I want to be, not someone else’s version of me.

When I ran across this quote “Normality is a paved road, it’s comfortable to walk but no flowers grow on it ~Vincent Van Gogh” I thought it fit perfect for that mentality of being an individual. Here is the page I made for it.


I started off with a layer of gesso. I then used two different sizes of sequin waste to stencil the circles at the bottom to create the “ground”. There is a funny name for this stuff but it escapes me at the moment. For the upper portion I wanted to use colors I hadn’t picked as a main color yet. I am drawn to the color blue (hence part of the reason for the nickname I use here and the name of the blog) and I use it a lot I notice. So I chose a few shades of yellow. I got these great tubes of paint from Tuesday Morning a couple weeks ago. They are 2.5 fl oz and were only 99 cents. That is the most paint for the cheapest price I think I have seen. I must admit I bought EVERY tube they had except one because it was a duplicate lol. I ended up with a couple dozen I think. Sure its not the highest quality paint like Golden but I’m doing mixed media and experimenting and I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. Anyway back to the page info. I took the three yellow paints and squirted a bit here and there all over the page. Then I took my brayer (like a small rolling pin) and spread the paint all over the pages. For the clouds I put white and a bit of blue in my palette and crumpled up a piece of paper and dabbed it over the top. I used an opaque marker to outline it in blue and then added a bit of modeling paste to add extra texture to them. (see bottom picture)

For the large flowers I cut the petals from old book pages using a scalloped edge oval punch. I decorated these using assorted medium and formed them into flower shapes by gluing them to the back of a card-stock circle. The stems are made from quilling paper strips. I got a quilling set a long time ago and it’s never really taken off. I find it more annoying to try to make stuff than it is worth so I am re-purposing all the strips I have into my journal pages (hooray for re-purposing). I used two shades of green glued down side by side. The leaves I stenciled onto green patterned scrapbook paper and then colored them with assorted pens. The other flowers on the bottom come from my cheap Tuesday Morning supply stash and are made by Prima. I added a blob of stickles glitter accent in the middle of each.

The quote was printed out and then cut apart. I edged it using some distress inks and glued them down.


My daughter pointed out that I had already made another flower page almost the same as this one. Well I think it is different and I love gardening and flowers so meh lol. Maybe I’ll fill the whole book with flower pages 😉

Hope you feel inspired this week and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

Lady Blue


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