Girly Pink

I had this page started by adding the diamond shapes of paper and modeling paste all over it. Then I got creative block. Yesterday I finally decided what to do with it. I went all girly on it lol.


I started off the page by drawing lines to make the diamonds. I then chose a few to outline with black pen. Next I put Gesso over the whole page and while that was drying I made a plastic template so I could get the exact same diamond shape to make some cuts from book paper and also to provide a template for using the modeling paste. I added the paper and paste and then it sat for a few weeks. When I felt inspired again I added several shades of pink and red to the page plus highlighted a few of the diamonds with copper. I added a bit of black shadow using a wax pencil. Stamped some clocks and floral swirly bits which I went over with black glaze pen to make them stand out better. I added a few circular rub-on to the page and then I went around the clocks with a white Sharpie paint pen. I used a bingo dauber to make the small pink circles and drew around those with an orange Souffle pen. The bits of white lace is a long rub-on I cut apart.

I think it looks awesome girly and was fun to finish. I might add some journaling text to it later but other than that I think it is “finished”.

I have also been going through my stuff and re-organizing a few things to be better suited for finding what I want for my art journal and junk journal. I found all my pens and added them to one basket (already had this basket, use to organize son’s stuff) so I can grab it when I need it instead of hunting all over for the different types of pens. Well let me re-phrase that. ALL of the pens I would want to use for my journals, I have a LOT of pens so some are put away elsewhere ie: two different sizes of colored Sharpie permanent markers, regular writing pens, etc. So here is that little basket, it is 11″ long, 6″ wide and 4″ tall. I was able to fit my other pen organizer inside it to create a divider.


So what pens do I have in there you ask? (or maybe you did not but I’ll tell you anyway). In the far back section underneath the small boxes are my Zig Millenium and Pigma Micron fine point pens. These are for writing or detailing really small stuff. They are waterproof and do not bleed through. On top of those in the boxes are my assortment of Martha Stewart opaque and glitter markers. On the corner standing up are two different size white Sharpie paint pens. In the middle section are my double end markers. There are Zig ones that are waterproof and have a chisel tip and fine tip; and American Crafts which are not waterproof and are great for using on stamps and “painting” with using a water-brush pen. Those are brush tip and medium point. The front section contains all kinds of gel pens. In the little pouch are my Zig Clean Color brush pens and my water brush pens, I use these like watercolors. Also a Ranger pen in white and black.

So there you have it, a little look into part of my pen obsession haha.

Raining here and cold so I hope you have nicer weather where you are or at least snuggly and warm. Happy crafting!

Lady Blue

2 thoughts on “Girly Pink

  1. twistnpout says:

    Beautiful Page! When i try to art journal, I just freeze up, can’t seem to get past the gesso stage. Thank you for sharing your pen obsession AND for pointing out which ones are water proof. I am slowly learning this – by trial and error-it’s really a bummer when I spend time on a piece, apply a shiny top coat only to have the ink run!

    • Blue Crafty says:

      Thank you! It really is trial by error sometimes with the pens. Learn as you go. One thing I have learned by watching many you tube videos is to apply a spray fixative and this will stop the ink from running. I tried it and it works great.

      To get past the gesso stage I watch other peoples videos and look at pictures on Pinterest until something sparks some creativity lol.

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