Week 1 of “48 Weeks With Donna Downey” Class

My Journey Begins…

The class consists of videos we can watch and replay over and over where she explains the techniques she is using and how to achieve the look on the page. Each week comes with a supply list she used which we can choose to follow or pick other supplies we have on hand. Donna has also set up a special facebook group for those of us in the class to share and discuss issues, products we are using etc. Also a place to ask her questions and get advice on how we are doing. One lady posted her page for the week and she had used something other than the door stencil Donna had used. I was leaning towards using something different too and this other student gave me a great idea of adding bricks on the page around the window I was going to use. I think it turned out pretty good. This was my first time trying image transfer and also my first time using joint compound on a page as the “surface”. My week one is done I think. I might fiddle with it more later or just tell myself leave it alone. Here is Donna’s page she made:


And here is my page:


Not showing in the page is the quote I added. “my journey begins” and I put it in the lower left corner of the right hand page.

I am certainly having fun so far but boy was I nervous posting my first pages in the group. Fear of negative feedback or no feedback at all. And don’t forget the feeling of “is mine going to be as good as the others?” So far everyone has liked/loved my little bird and my decision of using the window and adding the bricks. The image transfer was a little dis-concerning because I thought I had done it wrong but Donna told me it looked like I had nailed it.

So the page consists of muslin (I used some lightweight cotton fabric I had in my stash) covered in joint compound. Then you apply the printed image using the transfer technique. Add color around the page, I used neocolors and some acrylic paint. I glued down the painted chipboard window (visit http://www.creativeembellishments.com to buy some of your own) and added the little bird which is a wood veneer by Studio Calico that I colored with neocolors. The bricks are done with modeling paste and a stencil then painted.

On another note, I purchased a throw pillow when I was at Walmart the other day, it caught my eye. I got home and later looked on my blog and noticed the same pillow is in the picture on the header LOL. It is the black square pillow with the red/white stems/leaves and the red bird. Too funny, I said I wanted a room just like that 😉

Happy creating!
Lady Blue


2 thoughts on “Week 1 of “48 Weeks With Donna Downey” Class

  1. Librarian Kat says:

    Thanks for sharing. I expect to see 47 more posts over the year. It looks really cool. I hope you are learning the techniques well enough to remember them for later projects. Keep having fun-you are a great artist and everyone will want to see your work 🙂

    • Blue Crafty says:

      The techniques I think I wont remember very well are going into a notebook so I don’t have to worry about forgetting lol. Thanks for the compliment 🙂 I’m working on week 2 now. Going to post something I threw together while I’m waiting for the surface to dry.

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