Your Journey

I saw a quote on Pinterest that I think goes hand in hand with my art I will be doing this year. Here it is:

“Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey.
They don’t need to, it’s not for them.”

This journey I have started with learning more art techniques and getting my creativity out of me onto canvas or paper, really is about ME and nobody else. I don’t need any family members or friends to praise me on my work. When it happens I feel good about myself but not receiving any feedback isn’t going to make me sad either. I have not even shared my work with any of them (except the one who reads this blog) This is all for MY benefit. Nobody has to understand why I am doing it. That being said I felt I needed to remind myself daily that this is for my benefit and growth. The techniques I use are not “right” or “wrong” nor do I need to explain what something means or what is it used for. It just IS.

Here is the completed panel. I printed it out, trimmed it down and added a couple layers of card-stock behind it. I used some distress ink on the edges of the paper then glued down some lace trim. Next I picked out a metal embellishment and glued it down with some tulle behind it and finished it off with a cameo sticker.


Here it is in the holder. The holder is for 8×8 pages and I have a few more plastic inserts so I can make additional things to display. It is made by Recollections and I got it at Michaels.


Hope you are having a creative beginning of your week, I’m off to add more layers to my week two pages 🙂

Lady Blue


3 thoughts on “Your Journey

  1. brad young's art says:

    So true.

  2. Great message. Very positive. Art is a personal journey. I hope you enjoy yours!

  3. Librarian Kat says:

    You are so right! My creative juices are for my own pleasure too. And a lot of times we know what is best for us and we don’t want to try to explain it to others. We just know!

    I like your lace trim 🙂

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