Week Three “What Lies Within”

As I said in our class Facebook page, I am just jamming along lol. I have week three completed and I think we are only just beginning the 3rd week of January. I enjoy doing these pages so much I’m just diving into each week. I think to help keep me from finishing everything in just a month, I will make a small 6 x 6 canvas that is the same as each week. I have also started decorating four small wooden birdhouses to use as springtime decoration. I’ll post those when they are finished.

Here is Donna’s week three page:

and here is mine (it looks lighter in person):

Started off preparing the page and using some Matt medium to attach the book text and this jute mesh ribbon


I forgot to take step by step pictures so forgive me. I went over parts of the ribbon and page with some joint compound. Next I used acrylic paint and neocolors to add color around the page. Here is a close-up of the mesh after.


Here you can see some script text origami paper I added over the jute “stem”. I crumpled up the paper, used distressed ink on the edges and then glued it down.


Here is a close-up of one of the flowers. I used a punch to cut the flowers from white card-stock. Then I crumpled them up, wet them, crumpled them more and dried them with my heat tool. I added assorted colors and a dash of shimmer to them. They kind of look antiqued. The centers are a decorative brad from my stash.


While out on a shopping trip last week I found this little pack of words and quotes on vellum paper, I used one of those on the page. It says “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.


I like the quote and how it speaks of what lies within. Everyone’s artistic talent lies within and I felt it fit well with the page and the book overall.

Have a great week of being creative!
Lady Blue


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