The Lonely Tree

Hope everyone has been having a great week and has spent some time being creative. I am now on week five of the course. As always here is Donna’s work:


And here is mine. Make sure to click on the image and zoom to see the full huge version so you can see all the colorful goodness:


Ever since I saw the first picture of her pages I have wanted to do this one. I had a great time during the process. The hardest part was having to wait for the layers to dry lol. Why is it called the Lonely Tree? Well after I finished it and looked at where I had placed the branches near the moon it looked as if the tree were reaching out to the moon, almost as it were embracing it. The tree’s only friend perhaps or maybe something to do with the moon being so far away and yet the tree can see it everyday but can get no closer. Anyway, a lot of philosophical stuff went through my mind which I will spare everyone from reading lol.

First we layered some old book pages using matte medium


Next we applied some texture paste. Here is a link explaining what texture paste is . I had fun putting this on the page. It is interesting stuff. Only bad thing is it takes forever to dry so I put it in front of the fan for a couple of hours and that helped.

After it was dry I started applying the color, sorry for the blurry photo, I had stopped what I was doing to run down and try to get a picture of a hawk and forgot to change the lens back to auto focus. I also forgot to look and see if I took a good picture haha. We used a technique of applying the color all over the page and then letting it sit for a few minutes; and then we used a baby wipe (or any moist towel would work) to rub away some of the color. We have used this process on several pages and they always made me frustrated because the color didn’t come off like I had hoped. This time I purchased the exact same acrylic glazing Donna has been using and it actually worked like I wanted it to. Hooray for coupons at Michael’s πŸ˜‰


Next I added the moon and it’s glow and then went on to doing the tree using a thin detail brush. Then built it up to look more like branches and less like spaghetti laying on the paper. Once the tree had dried I went back in with some blue to surround the tree with contrast. Now let me tell you this, finger painting on to fiber paste makes your finger sore after a bit haha. I also added lighter shades on the tree to create the look of light from the moon. I finished it off by adding an assortment of colors on the ground to represent bits of old leaves, plants etc. Nothing detailed, just a hint of color here and there.

Here are some close-ups. In this one you can see the tree trunk and the light of the moon along the edge. Also, some of the color on the ground near the tree.


Next is my moon. I used some yellow around it to create a glow and a thin line from a marker blended to give the moon dimension from the page.


Here you can really see some of the colors on the ground area. I just applied these using a pallet knife and my finger on some places.


Week six we get to paint poppies! So fun, stay tuned for that. Oh and pop over to Donna’s blog where she posted pictures from week four and she posted one of mine again πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend being creative!
Lady Blue


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