Other Art Journal Pages

In between pages for my weekly class I have done a few other pages in my two sizes of journal. I might add a bit more to a couple of them but here they are so far.

This one I did as I was working on week 2. I didn’t want to waste any paint so I added it to this page that I had already started adding paint to on a previous occasion. I like how it is coming along.


Here I felt like playing with some book pages so I applied them to the journal then added a few thing over them. I think I will add more to this page once inspiration hits me. Good start so far.


Here is a close-up of the flowers I made using modeling paste and a stencil. They are colored with neocolor II crayons and then some glossy accent to cover it. A little metal sticker embellishment to the centers.


Here is a picture showing the ribbon I added. I had purchased this as an option for use on week 3 but ended up not using since I found something I liked better. I thought it looked fun layered with this paper in my stash. I also added some of the epoxy stickers with nice words on them


This one was me playing with stencils and stamps using paint and distress ink. I also used the edge of an old gift card to make the random lines. I used some fun gift tissue paper I found at TJ Maxx as the base layer. It had Paris inspired items and french script on it. Time word is stickers from my stash.


The white flowers are from Prima and the other I am not sure, possibly something I grabbed at Michaels. The clock is a stamp I have and the clock hand came from Oriental Trading.


I went back to that book store where I got the dictionaries from to look for anything else that seemed fun. I ran across this book written in Korean/Chinese/Japanese/Mandarin? I have no clue which one but I love the characters they use for the text and it has nice thin paper almost like tissue. I have a strange suspicion that this may be a Bible but also not sure because it doesn’t seem to have enough chapters. It just look really fabulous in the background. I’m going to do more to this page but this is where it is right now. The flowers are modeling paste.


This page was random playing with supplies and went in this direction so I added the nice quote to finish it off. Bit of finger painting here, and the repeating circles are made from applying paint to bubble wrap then smooshing it to the paper. A fun technique from an often overlooked item.


This I would call a page I’m not overly thrilled about where it is but oh well lol. Did most of it on New Years Eve as I was sitting around waiting for time to count down. The streamer thingies I added came from party poppers we did with the kids the next day.


Another little project I have done is make some art journals using card-stock and canvas I had in my fabric stash. I cut it down into four pieces which worked out to be big enough to use as a cover that folds over itself to accommodate an expanding journal. I added eyelets for the ribbon to go through that holds the two signatures inside.


Here you can see one of them open to the center-most part where I have used some masking tape in the crack for the two signatures. You can also see how much extra canvas there is out to the right. This will be the flap that goes over the front cover.


I plan to paint and decorate each cover and maybe add some charms and beads to the ribbons. I’ll show those later as I complete them.

So that is what I have been up to, hope you made it to the end of the post and I wish you an excellent week of creativity!

Lady Blue


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