Happy Valentines and Week 6

First of all Happy Valentines Day. I hope all of you get to do something nice with a loved one today or spend some time doing something that you love.

It’s been a little longer on posting my page from week 6, we are at the end of week 7 actually lol. I DID do my page *pat on back* and I am currently working on 7.

Here is Donna’s:

Here is mine:

It actually took me a while to get going on this page. I had the base part taken care of which is drywall tape and modeling paste and then it just sat there. I said to the people in my class that I must be afraid of poppies or something. I really think the idea of trying to paint a flower freehand with no stamp or stencil was what I was afraid of. I wouldn’t call this my favorite page so far. I think a couple of my flowers look like something nibbled on the petals and they look “stubby”. But hey, I did the page and I learned something by doing so. Donna seemed to think it was worthy of being on her blog again this week lol so that’s pretty cool. You can see that by clicking here http://donnadowney.typepad.com/simply_me/2014/02/48-weeks-week-6-magic.html

She also posted one of my pictures for week 5. It was the first one in group so in the email that was sent out and when she posted about it on her facebook etc., the picture and my name popped up first. Was a little ego/confidence boost lol. Here is her week 5 posting http://donnadowney.typepad.com/simply_me/2014/02/48-weeks-week-5-magic.html

I think week 5 is one of my favorites so far. I really like how many of the ladies (and one gent) did their trees.

Well off I go to drink my coffee and continue work on my page 7, it is really fun as you can see here hehe

Lady Blue


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