The HM Altered Book Project & Mixed Media Moleskine Group

What does that mean? Allow me to explain. A couple weeks ago one of the ladies I enjoy viewing on You Tube had run across another You tuber who had started an altered book project using an old Hannah Montana book. Now there are several of us taking on this project and sharing about it all over the place. Here is the link to Claudia’s video about this: if you don’t want to listen to the other parts you can skip to 13:40. Additionally in her info on the video she gives links back to the person who gave her the idea.

Well, I am not a fan of Miley in any way and I really didn’t want to buy anything of hers even if just to change it lol so I went with an Ology book. There are several versions of Ology books and I am sure you have seen one of them somewhere or another at some point. Some of them are Dragonology, Oceanology, Egyptology, and the one I will be using for my project, Pirateology. Another reason I went with an ology book is because they offer more interactive options on the pages. I was able to find this on ebay for just a couple of dollars plus shipping. Maybe $5.00 total.

Here is a picture of my first spread before I started:


The scratchy bits on the pages are from using a sanding block to rough it up a bit so the gesso would attach better. Since the pages are glossy I’m concerned the gesso will eventually peel/flake away or something. We shall see. So on the left side of the spread is a pretend note tied together. On the right side are a mini newspaper flap and an advertisement flap. I went over everything with the gesso to hide the images and words on the page. It takes a lot of gesso to do this as Claudia discovered, so she found its best to do one coat of gesso then use some cheap craft paint to do the next coat. After that, other colors and media will be added so it should be enough coverage.

Here is where I am at so far with that spread:


As you can see I have covered the whole page with gesso and paint. I then went in with parchment colored acrylic paint around the border to give it more of the paper look it had. I also used a waterproof pen to add back in some of the lines and swirls from the original. After that I used Tim holtz distress ink in a couple of colors to do the edges. Since my handwriting is horrible I used some rub on letters to put a title on the page. Next I used a tiny grid stamp around the page. I used a dylusions stencil for the vine. This pages in not done, I want to add more to it.

I’m going to try to do a different color theme to each page spread in the book.

Next I would like to get the word out about a brand new Facebook group. A couple of ladies in the 48 weeks class had tried to find a group for people who like to do mixed media in Moleskine journals. All that could be found was ones about “general” Moleskine lovers and flat media such as drawing, watercolor. So the new group was born. “Mixed Media Moleskine”. If you do mixed media in your Moleskine and would like to join the group and share your work, please search for the group name on Facebook and request to be added. They would really like this to be a place for only mixed media Moleskine work since there is already many places out there for everything else. The chunkier the Moleskine the better. Understand this is a very new group so there are only a few members added to it right now.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

Lady Blue

4 thoughts on “The HM Altered Book Project & Mixed Media Moleskine Group

  1. Reblogged this on Haven of Inspiration and commented:
    I am interested but do not have a moleskin to start with. Can I use a different book as I am a beginner and I don’t want to use something that I am not sure about. Or I will just audit the class by watching.

  2. Blue Crafty says:

    I haven’t been working in a Moleskine either but I bought a few for my birthday. I would say that unless you are using an actual Moleskine, don’t post any pictures but getting inspiration from the group should be fine.

  3. zoeashton says:

    This is so gorgeous! The group sounds really interesting too – I will be having a look at that soon.

  4. Librarian Kat says:

    You are totally creative! It’s amazing to see all the different ideas out there. Thanks for sharing.

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