Inspiration Wednesday 2015

Here is my first week page for IW2015


Because I am using a Moleskine sketch book instead of Donna’s journal book, my layouts wont have inclusions and my first page was a two page spread instead of just one. This is because I already have a couple pages started in the book. Anyone who knows Donna knows her love of the brown hole. This is such an inside joke and can be explained with the picture below that Donna whipped up for us to be able to add to pages and blogs etc.


The brown hole is in fact the reinforcement ring on the shipping tag, which she adds to each page. If you would like to join in on the fun you can access her site by either of the two links I have off to the right. If you want to purchase the class or any of her products, the top one gives me a smidge of kickback for referring you over to her. There is also a Facebook group for IW2015 located here: It is a public group and you do not have to have paid to be part of it. You can browse the pages being posted and become inspired without having to see the video. You can also look for #IW2015 on Instagram where many people are tagging pictures of their weekly works

Have a great week!

One thought on “Inspiration Wednesday 2015

  1. Kim Reed says:

    Haha!…I used a “brown hole” on my page too! I started my video last night and hope to have my share posted tonight on YT. Kudos to you for blogging, way too much work for me (ha!).

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