About Me & My Journey

I am a wife to a member of the US Air Force, and mother to two. I deal with seasonal depression that affects my creativity. I will go through ups and downs due to this and I hope you stick with me through my “slump times” where the only thing I may create is coloring in some Mandalas. Some of the things I enjoy are sewing (quilts), scrap-booking & card making, (not as much in recent years) paper-crafts, junk journals, AND my ever increasing love with Altered art/art journaling, zentangle/doodling and Mixed media. Recently I have even done some woodcarving.

I thought my sharing my work may help others needing inspiration and provide a look into the workings of an artist who battles depression, (like many of us do)

craft room!!

The image used in the header (full size shown above) is not my craft room, YET. I really love the way it looks and it is my inspiration for my art and craft room that I have in my new home. Mine is a work in progress as I discover the best way to store things and determine which craft/arts I no longer desire to take part in. The following link will take you to my Pinterest page for craft rooms and storage options. An ever expanding board of wonderful ideas for your art and craft space. http://pinterest.com/icerook/craft-rooms-and-storage/

Happy Creating!

Michelle at Lady Blue Studios

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