DLP Week 8

Week eight??? wait a minute… Yes week eight lol. Week six I am still trying to sort out and week seven I haven’t felt inspired to do yet so I have left a space for it and have gone on to week eight. My journal I can do it in whatever order I like right. 🙂

The theme for the week is repeating elements. So I decided I wanted to use circles and the color blue. I of course put down a layer of gesso to start off. Then I came in with my largest circle stencil and my darkest blue, Paynes grey.


To give a few of those circles some added interest I covered them with Aleene’s Paper Glaze. This is sort of like glossy accents but not dimensional.


Next I chose a couple more lighter shades of blue and two more stencils that I cut myself and added this dotted “stripes” and random clusters. I made sure to have them overlap each other here and there.


Now while I am working on this I am watching the rare snow occurrence here in Louisiana. It put everyone out of school for three days haha. Back in Wyoming this would have been no big deal. Here however they do not have the equipment to handle this type of thing so its just safer if everyone stays home. It was pretty to watch but I’m glad I did not shovel it or go play in it. brrr


Next I added more circles using the center of a used up tape spool and also my finger. The rings were thicker paint and they added a nice bit of dimension to the page. I think using the metallic paint also adds some nice interest.



To finish it off I dabbed some tiny dots through my smallest stencil, some dots with a q tip in groups of three and also used some liquid pearls in groups of three and four. At this point I thought I was done.


As I was working on my Inspiration Wednesday page and was using my new script stencil I decided to use the extra molding paste on this page too.


Now I can call it done.


Here is my completed Inspiration Wednesday page I was working on


Thanks for stopping by


Documented Life Week 2

Week two of my journal for Documented Life 2015 complete. This was a lot of fun. The item to use was gesso. So I started off by doing a white gesso layer over the whole spread. I have these tiny containers of paint from some old craft or something and I cannot bear to just toss them since they are still good. So I have been finding different uses for them. I used a light and dark orange all over the page. You can also see one of the flowers I am doing. I did not draw these myself. I used a Folk Art rub on pattern kit I found on clearance at one of the craft/hobby stores. It works similar to the rub-ons but it is graphite so you could erase it like a pencil

After getting all the flowers down I wanted to add I decided it needed a different border so I used black gesso around the edges.

Next I used some cream and white to paint the petals. I used yellow in the center and then sprinkled some assorted glitter. I covered the glitter with clear gesso which is showing white in the picture as it was not yet dry.

The flowers didn’t pop off the page so I outlined them with some black pen in a scribbled way and then used two different colors of pitt pen, smudging them together as I went. I decided I didn’t want to use the same quote they had provided in the prompt because many other people were using it and I wanted something unique. The quote they had was “The beginning is always today.” -Mary Shelley. I drug out my quote dictionary and found something about beginning. My quote comes from Alice In Wonderland.

Along the way of stamping out the quote I made my first mistake. I covered it up using a piece of paper stamped with the correct word and decided I liked that as part of the look so I changed a few of the other words to be on white paper. I edged them with distress ink and attached them with foam squares.




This was a lot of fun and I managed to get it all done in just a couple of hours. It took me four days to figure out what I wanted to do though haha.

Happy New Year and Documented Life Project

Today is the last day of 2014 and I cannot wait for it to be over. SO many things I am looking forward to next year. One of which is moving. Hoping a house is available when the time comes that allows me to have a bigger room for my arts and crafts that is dedicated to just my stuff.

So what do I have in plan for the new year? Well I still have not done any of my Lifebook 2014 pages so I can work on those when I choose. I have 2/3 of my 48 Weeks class I need to complete and I have several projects I need to finish. Needless to say I think one of my words for 2015 is going to be completion. Along with that I have chosen to do Documented Life Project 2015 and Inspiration Wednesdays with Donna Downey. Donna’s class is $35 and can be found here: http://www.donnadowney.com/online-workshops/inspiration-wednesday-2015-membership.html. And the DLP2015 project is free and can be found here: http://www.art5academy.com/ I am looking forward to both. I have started work on my cover for the DLP art journal. The class instructors decided on using a Dylusions large size journal. I have 3 of them I have not dedicated to anything yet so I chose to use the same as them. Here is the cover so far:





I decided to keep the cover art minimal so that as the year goes by any paint, inks or whatever that may end up on it won’t mess things up, just add to it and enhance it. The chipboard numbers are canvas covered so they will soak up any media that may be laying around. The symbols on the cover are from stencils I have. They say Happy and Love on the front and Peace and Lucky on the back. Later on I think I will outline them in black.

The interior cover can be decorated too. I put on some gesso and then added circles through assorted stencils using different media. I used gloss gel, acrylic paint, and modeling paste. I will add my words for the year on here later using some more canvas stickers.




There is also an interior pocket that I can decorate but have not decided how yet.

I even cleaned up my desk so I could get started on art in the new year without stuff getting in my way. I have also changed and expanded my product inventory book which I will share in a video.

Look forward to more posts, videos and additional places to see what art I am up to over next year.

Happy New year and all the best to you!

Week 14 of 48 Weeks

I sort of took a break from doing the 48 weeks along the timeline of the actual weeks. That puts me behind where I “should” be. I say that because it really is a “work at your own pace” and it does not really matter when you do what week or even what order you choose to do them in. That being said here is Donna’s week 14:


And here is mine. We were to gather up paper ephemera we may have in our stash. I chose bits and pieces from the swaps I participated in for the first two semesters. It was fun to dig through the bits and pick what I thought would look good together.


Here are a few close-ups of the pieces I included. I love how some of the papers were translucent enough to see parts of the papers under them.




On to the next set of pages for me. Hope you are having an amazing 4th of July. Have a great time watching the fireworks (if you are US based) and be safe!

KIF Napkin Swap & Week 13

Been a little behind with my 48 weeks pages. It’s hard to find the time to sit down and do them when you have company. My Mom came out for about a month so she could be here for both kid’s birthdays. I did manage to get week 13 finished and I’ve also been part of a napkin swap with KIF.

First here is week 13 from Donna,


and here is mine


Here are a few close-ups of some of the page texture and how the paint caught on it. This was a pretty fun page.




Next up is the KIF napkin swap. Napkins can be used many ways to add interest and texture to your mixed media creations. If you remember I used napkins on my idea cards here: https://bluecrafty.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/new-art-journal-pages-deck-of-cards/

Naturally, different areas of the US and world will receive different assortments of napkins in their stores. Because there are so many kinds out there KIF had a napkin swap where we could share some of those fun napkins with each other to expand our choices for projects. We were put into groups of five and were to send out 10 napkins to each person in the swap. (four mailings per person) 10 different ones (of course if possible). Additionally patterned tissue paper could be used to finish out the 10 if someone only had eight kinds etc. I wont show what I sent out just in case someone in my group peeks at my page. Don’t want to ruin their fun by seeing what they get before it makes it to them. Here are the envelopes I decorated for them. The blue paper is covering the person’s mailing address for privacy. I splattered some metallic water colors on the paper and also added a handmade stamp image. Sealed the package using some fun butterfly packing tape.


Here are a few napkins I have received so far.



There are a couple I know I will never use so I will add them to my RAK (random act of kindness) box to be included in some “happy mail” for someone else. When using them in your project, it is sometimes best to separate the layers. Most good napkins are triple ply. You only really need the layer that has the images on it.

I have a couple more things I have been working on but I will save those for the next posting. I hope everyone has been having a great art and crafty couple of weeks.

Lady Blue

Week 12 and ATC Book

I completed week 12 last week, here is Donna’s version:


Here is my version:


I also did it in my moleskine journal using the leftover paints.


Here is my process. First I added some background texture using modeling paste and a stencil. Then I added all kinds of yummy color on the page. I chose colors I thought would look good peeking through after the next step.


Next I made flower outlines:


Then I painted in half of the page using black acrylic paint mixed with glazing medium. I wanted the glossy look:


I had a bunch of paint left over so I prepped a page in my altered book. This is the beginning of a black and white page.


I added white paint to the top of the page and used a white pen to write the quote on the bottom.

Here are some close-ups of the flower details. I used an assortment of paints, India ink, and pens and also added dimensional dots using liquid pearls. You can also get a better look at the underlying texture on the page.




One of the other things I have done is this ATC book. What is an ATC? It stands for Artist Trading Card and they are the same size as baseball cards. Think of them as mini canvases of artwork. One of the groups I am in on facebook (same one doing the altered book project) is having an ATC swap. This will be my first one. I wanted something to store the cards in that I will make (you make one for yourself along with the ones you send out) along with the ones I will receive in the mail. I took apart a smash book type album I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby and used the covers for it. I recovered it using scrapbook paper I had in my stash. Next I distressed the edges and covered it with decou-page. The letters are chip-board and also from my stash. I covered them with printed tissue paper using the decou-page and then put a coating of UT over it. I glued them to the page and then re punched holes that would work for 3 rings instead of the wire bound holes originally in the book. The final touch is the nice red 7gypsie rings I got for a great bargain at Tuesday Mornings a while ago.


Here is the inside where you can see the page where the ATC’s will be inserted. The left hand page has a pocket on the other side. You can see the original hole configuration here. Additionally in front of that are two pages with lines that I can write in the different swap theme names and dates.


I am working on my ATC’s right now, just got my stamp in the mail that will go on the backs. Once I finish I will post some pictures for you to see.

Hope you are having a great week being artsy or crafty 😉
Lady Blue

Week 10 and 11

I occurred to me that I hadn’t posted my weeks 10 and 11 from the class so here they are.

Week 10 Donna’s:

And here is mine:


Once again doing a human figure was a bit daunting but I did it and I really like how her hair braid turned out. The drippage for the skyline wouldn’t quite work for me so I went my own way on that part.


This is how my book looks after 11 weeks of art added to it.

Week 11 Donna’s:

This time I remembered to do some process pictures. This is how it started off by adding a few bits of ephemera and paint-able wall paper.


Next I went in with several shades of blue using my fingers to get into all the nooks and crannies of that textured paper.


Then I did more finger-painting to create the flowers and a small brush to make the outline of where the vase would be:


Here is the finished page. I added the green colors around the vase to help it stand out from the page.


Here you can see a close-up of the image I used and the wallpaper. I think it looked pretty cool with the way the different colors collected on it.


Here you can see some of the detail work I did on the flowers


And finally the stamp I used on the vase along with how the textured turned out there.


Week 11 was pretty fun. I enjoyed the freedom of making flowers by just rubbing paint on the paper with my finger to get a circle of colors. That contrasted with the precision painting needed for the stripes on the vase is pretty cool.

I have a couple other things I have made but I will post them tomorrow or the next day so there isn’t so much stuff to look at in one post. I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoy your weekend.

Lady Blue