Canvas Corp Brands Crew 4×4 Challenge


As part of our first order of goodies we were given a 4″ x 4″ canvas to decorate in a way that represented us. I used many things in mine to represent different parts of me; this resulted in many layers, also part of me haha.

To start with I added some Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso around the edge of the canvas using a pallet knife. This is representative of the shell I have around me to protect my feelings. Not all the way around but where it counts. While that sat to dry I gathered some parts to add next.


I found this canvas M in my stash and used Tattered Angels High Impact Paint in Aqua (one of my favorite colors right now) along the edge. I didn’t want to cover the whole thing in it as I felt it would become the main focal point of the canvas rather than being part of a whole. M for my First name.


I let those sit over-night and came back the next day to begin my layout. I started by adding a piece of lace I received in my first order and positioned some corrugated card over it to help secure it. Lace for my feminine side.


On top of that I layered a few pieces of burlap and a bit of book text from my stash. Book text because I love reading and old book text in general (Ephemera). Burlap because it is scratchy and I can be hard to be around at times.


Then I got so involved in adding all my parts I forgot to take some pictures along the way so here you see a cup that was fussy cut from Canvas Corp “Fill the Cup” on Kraft. A spoon from Beans and Bags “Black and Ivory Spoon” these represent my enjoyment of coffee with things added such as creamer and sugar. A little metal bird from my stash that I am not sure where it came from represents my love of birds and nature in general. The 42 bingo marker was also part of my stash and has a double meaning. I turn 42 this year (March) and also Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (I love sci-fi/fantasy). In that book, 42 is The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. On the left side of the canvas is a clothes clip representing “holding it all together” and a bundle of 7Gypsy seam binding from Notting Hill in one of my favorite colors, blue. This is for Lady Blue Studios, my creative name, Blue Crafty (this blog) and a number of other blue related things for me (mood, Air Force Family). There is 4 parts hanging down in reference to my four family members (husband, two kids and myself). The quote comes from Canvas Corp Artsy Sampler on Kraft and perfectly explains my untidy art room and mind at times lol.


Here is the finished canvas. After looking at it again I decided I needed a bit of washi tape on there because I LOVE washi tape lol. I used a piece from 7Gypsy Global collection and chose the one that looked like ledger paper. I love ledger paper. Then right above the 42 you will see a little symbol. That is called a geotag. I added that little bit on because I love Geocaching and this was the closest I could find to represent it and the little icons in the geocaching app do resemble a geotag. I covered it with Irresistible Pico Embellisher in Paris Dusk. I also went around the edge of the canvas with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Vintage Photo just to tie all the colors together.


Here is a close-up of the geotag


Here you get a better view of my little bird and color added to the canvas M


And here you can see the detail in the spoon handle as it pokes through the cup handle.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my project and the steps involved in making it as well as the meaning behind many of the pieces. Next time you are looking at a piece of art remember that a lot more can go into it that just slapping some paint down or gluing a few items on. Heart goes into it too. I could have added many more bits to represent myself but then my canvas would have been as cluttered as my work-surface lol.

Looking forward to sharing many more projects I create through the year with Canvas Corp Brands and I hope you stick with me. Don’t forget I also do videos on YouTube that you can watch each week.

Links to products used in project:
4 x 4 canvas×4-chunky-stretched-natural-canvas
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint in Aqua
Assorted papers from collection:
artsy sampler paper
black clothespin
paper tape
super heavy gesso Liquitex Professional Super Heavy Gesso Surface Prep Medium, 8-oz

What’s up? And Some Awesome News!

Over the past few months I have not bothered to post much over here. Mainly because I’ve been posting everything to Youtube and trying to increase traffic over there. For the remainder of November and December I am going to select some videos I have posted and bring them to the blog and explain a bit about what my project was about. One of my goals for next year is to make sure to post my videos here after having them uploaded. I will not be posting my weekly chat videos, just projects. Part of the reason for this is because I started off here as a blogger about my craft and art and just because I have been using Youtube (now that I am more comfortable over there) I shouldn’t neglect where I started. Another reason is I found out yesterday I was selected as part of the design team for Canvas Corp Brands. They are the main company over 7Gypsies and Tattered Angels to name a couple (love their stuff!!). This was the first time I have applied to be on a design team and I am so excited that I was chosen. There were many other fine artists and crafters picked for next year that I am going to enjoy collaborating with. Oh did I mention its for the YEAR not just half or a few months, the WHOLE YEAR! How awesome is that! It was on my goals list to get on a design team and I have now been able to check that off. Here is the video they put on their Facebook page announcing the team selection. I am somewhere after 40 seconds

I don’t know what all is involved with being on the design team as I said before this is my first ever. I do know with some other companies you receive some of their products to work with and you make something and show how they can be used via blog, video etc. This helps others get ideas for their own projects. There were a few questions on the application that were a little different and one I marked I would be interested in included visiting thrift shops for interesting inspiration. Not sure what all that will entail but this area has lots of fun thrift shops and consignment shops to check out.

I will close for now and be sure to be on the lookout for those videos I said I would link over here. You might see some changes to the title of the blog but don’t be alarmed haha