New Address Cards

So back on this post in January I showed some houses and clouds I had made and was planning on making them into cards to tell friends of my new address once we have moved. Today I got down to work on completing those cards.


Digging through my goodies I came across some great paper to use. Also some fibers, paper flowers, and of course pens to color the houses with. I also have some colored brads and washi tape with key images.

I cut 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock in half to make two pieces 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 and then scored and folded it to make a card 4 /14 x 5 1/2 (a typical card size). Next I used CTMH ink pad and a sponge makeup applicator to apply a little denim blue to three edges of the tan-colored paper. I attached this and the patterned paper to the front of the card. Then I put a strip of washi tape across the meeting point of the two papers. This is a great way to hide any miscuts or gaps. Ribbon works great here too. On the houses I added some color and then CTMH Liquid glass to the windows to make them glossy. Next I inserted a brad through the flower and also through the “home sweet home” tag. I attached these to the card front along with a cute cloud and TADA card done:


When it came time to use the fibers to attach the tags I decided it was going to be more of a pain than fun so I left them out.

As for the plan of making some Valentines with the hearts I cut out, it just did not happen. I don’t usually send any cards out and only give one to my husband so I didn’t feel very motivated to get them done. I will find another good use for them I am sure.

My new thing I have been looking into is mini albums and altered art albums. Pinterest has tons of great ideas and some wonderful tutorials other crafters have made to make things easier to figure out when making for yourself. I need to find a place that sells a certain kind of 12 x 12 chipboard to do one of the projects I found. I’ll check that out after I have moved.

Happy crafting!
Lady Blue


Punches and Organizing

So to follow my post from yesterday. As I said before I was at Michaels since they were having a great sale. One of the things I picked up from there was a heart shaped punch made by Recollections. Like the one shown here but in a larger Heart size They were 50% off so I also picked up a star shaped one. I love these punches since they have the nice hinged lever and it doesn’t kill your fingers or hand to punch lots of items out. I also like to flip the punch over so I can see where I am cutting the paper. This punch replaces the one I purchased many years ago from Creative Memories: Love the shape of the heart but it was truely annoying to use this punch!

So I had lots of fun with my punches and got some hearts ready for one of those card inspirations I posted yesterday. There are quite a few in each of those stacks.

During my sorting I found these houses, clouds and home sweet home, stamped images I had done that I will be using for my “I’ve moved” cards.

Lastly I mentioned wanting to have a binder of some sort that I can stamp my images into for easy flipping through to see what I want to use and get inspired. I ran accross this one I had started as a recipe book (that went nowhere haha). It is a half sized binder so easier to tuck away on my shelf. I will be making new labels for the tabs once I figure out how I want to categorize my CTMH stamp sets.

Stay tuned to see how I use my punched hearts, houses and setting up my binder system.

Happy crafting!

Lady Blue

Happy New Year!

One of my resolutions/goals for the new year is to do something craft related each week. I decided that since I am moving later this year, sorting and getting rid of things I don’t like anymore or not using, qualifies as being involved with my craft items.  Yesterday I went to Michaels and purchased 3 photo boxes. (they are on sale right now) I went through my ribbon and put it in one box. Another box I gathered up my chipboard book parts and put them in there. The third box I filled with paper flower embelishments. For the boxes I already had I went through and made sure that what the label said was actually in the box. I added more of the same item to a couple and rearranged a bunch of things to make it fit better in my craft cabinet. I went through my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock and put it into binders. I also want to get a small binder (or repurpose one I already have) and have a page for each stamp set I own. I want to stamp the images on the page and have the stamp set name plus its location so I can find them easier when I need them. Also by having a visual aide I can hopefully find inspiration easier. 

Two cards I am working on making:

The first one will be the ones I send out when I get to my new address to let everyone know what it is.  The second one I am making for Valentines day. I have seen several really cute ones on Pinterest that use heart punched shapes. I have punched out a bunch of hearts from several kinds of paper.

this one 

or this

or perhaps this


Have a great New Year!

Lady Blue

Madam Blogs a Lot.

So I don’t blog a lot, here are a couple other blogs I have found that are really great.

This is another AF Wife who loves to make cards. Her work is really good.

This one is a challenge blog that gives you an idea layout, theme, color selection and then you come up with a card to submit. I have not tried it yet but I plan to.


Lady Blue

Finding Inspiration

Most crafters find inspiration from many different places. One place I like to find it is by looking at other crafters work. As I browse assorted sites and places I save images of cards and other crafts I like. I pull these up to look at when I need an idea.

I found this card on Pinterest. I loved the simple elegant look of black and white.


So I dug through my stash to see what B&W paper I had. Cut a bunch of squares, got out a piece of cardstock I already had cut and folded, and darn won’t work like in the picture. So I moved a couple things around and came up with this:


I added a small strip of red just to give it a little pop of color. I think it turned out pretty good 🙂

Happy Crafting

Lady Blue