Refurbishing a Christmas Decoration Using DecoArt Snow-Tex

With our many Military moves and digging decorations out of the boxes each year, I was bound to have some decorations become a bit roughed up. Thankfully this decoration didn’t need too much work. The house had become detached from the base and the base was squished a little and needed some extra support. I added a piece of cardboard to stiffen things up. I thought it was a great item to use some of the DecoArt snow-tex to give it a new look and hide that bit of ugly cardboard.

I used a pallet knife to spread the Snow-tex onto the surface. This worked really well and allowed me to get it into the groove at the base of the house.

Once that was dry I needed to cover the edges with something. I used a pallet knife again to apply Liquitex flexible molding paste to the edge.

I also dabbed the pallet knife on the snowman hat and along the edges of the buttons on the house to give it a more “snowed-on” look. And there it is all fresh dry and ready to put back out on display. I think it turned out great.

Here are links to the products I used if you are interested in purchasing online. Both of these products can be found in stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s

Liquitex flexible modeling paste:

DecoArt Snow-tex:

Pallet Knife:

Canvas Corp Brands Crew 4×4 Challenge


As part of our first order of goodies we were given a 4″ x 4″ canvas to decorate in a way that represented us. I used many things in mine to represent different parts of me; this resulted in many layers, also part of me haha.

To start with I added some Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso around the edge of the canvas using a pallet knife. This is representative of the shell I have around me to protect my feelings. Not all the way around but where it counts. While that sat to dry I gathered some parts to add next.


I found this canvas M in my stash and used Tattered Angels High Impact Paint in Aqua (one of my favorite colors right now) along the edge. I didn’t want to cover the whole thing in it as I felt it would become the main focal point of the canvas rather than being part of a whole. M for my First name.


I let those sit over-night and came back the next day to begin my layout. I started by adding a piece of lace I received in my first order and positioned some corrugated card over it to help secure it. Lace for my feminine side.


On top of that I layered a few pieces of burlap and a bit of book text from my stash. Book text because I love reading and old book text in general (Ephemera). Burlap because it is scratchy and I can be hard to be around at times.


Then I got so involved in adding all my parts I forgot to take some pictures along the way so here you see a cup that was fussy cut from Canvas Corp “Fill the Cup” on Kraft. A spoon from Beans and Bags “Black and Ivory Spoon” these represent my enjoyment of coffee with things added such as creamer and sugar. A little metal bird from my stash that I am not sure where it came from represents my love of birds and nature in general. The 42 bingo marker was also part of my stash and has a double meaning. I turn 42 this year (March) and also Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (I love sci-fi/fantasy). In that book, 42 is The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. On the left side of the canvas is a clothes clip representing “holding it all together” and a bundle of 7Gypsy seam binding from Notting Hill in one of my favorite colors, blue. This is for Lady Blue Studios, my creative name, Blue Crafty (this blog) and a number of other blue related things for me (mood, Air Force Family). There is 4 parts hanging down in reference to my four family members (husband, two kids and myself). The quote comes from Canvas Corp Artsy Sampler on Kraft and perfectly explains my untidy art room and mind at times lol.


Here is the finished canvas. After looking at it again I decided I needed a bit of washi tape on there because I LOVE washi tape lol. I used a piece from 7Gypsy Global collection and chose the one that looked like ledger paper. I love ledger paper. Then right above the 42 you will see a little symbol. That is called a geotag. I added that little bit on because I love Geocaching and this was the closest I could find to represent it and the little icons in the geocaching app do resemble a geotag. I covered it with Irresistible Pico Embellisher in Paris Dusk. I also went around the edge of the canvas with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Vintage Photo just to tie all the colors together.


Here is a close-up of the geotag


Here you get a better view of my little bird and color added to the canvas M


And here you can see the detail in the spoon handle as it pokes through the cup handle.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my project and the steps involved in making it as well as the meaning behind many of the pieces. Next time you are looking at a piece of art remember that a lot more can go into it that just slapping some paint down or gluing a few items on. Heart goes into it too. I could have added many more bits to represent myself but then my canvas would have been as cluttered as my work-surface lol.

Looking forward to sharing many more projects I create through the year with Canvas Corp Brands and I hope you stick with me. Don’t forget I also do videos on YouTube that you can watch each week.

Links to products used in project:
4 x 4 canvas×4-chunky-stretched-natural-canvas
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint in Aqua
Assorted papers from collection:
artsy sampler paper
black clothespin
paper tape
super heavy gesso Liquitex Professional Super Heavy Gesso Surface Prep Medium, 8-oz

End of September

Well it is now the end of September and I haven’t posted anything in a while oops lol. Month sure went by fast! I’ve been doing a bit of this and that but not really taking pictures of it. I have started working on making some different journal covers similar to Midori covers. I got the idea from a couple of different places and then added in a few things of my own. I’ll share that when I get to the picture taking stage. All I have done so far is cut up the faux leather and heat n bond. Along with that I made one for myself from real leather.


I got both pieces of Leather from Michael’s. They had one that was just the size I wanted so I didn’t have to do much work to it. I added the holes for the elastic string to fit through and I sewed the decorative leather strip to the cover so I would know which side was the front. It also hid the holes caused by the staples used to attach it to its bar-code hang tag. I have three signatures inside. One is a normal notebook style, one is graph paper I cut to fit and the last one is plain white paper. I have been getting into the habit of chucking it into my purse when I go out so that I have it handy for notes or doodles when the time arises. Oh and I bought a bigger purse lol. My old one was feeling a little cramped with the “normal” things I put in it and I could not fit any kind of planner or journal into it so I had to upgrade. Found it at Marshall’s for a great bargain.

Tuesday Morning is still my favorite place to visit with all its fun crafting goodness. My most recent trip I scored some 12 x 12 sheets of washi tape. These are great because you can cut them up into any shape you want. I’ve been using a couple of my punches to have a selection to grab from when the need arises.


I did one 12 inch strip for each shape and this is what I ended up with. I have one more pattern to do. I still have a large portion of the original paper left over. I did a 1″ square, two styles of heart, and a circle. I have one more punch I might try out, it is a flower.

I have been doing a bunch of Geocaching since the weather has cooled down some. It is a fun activity. Go to to check it out. My husband and I have found 37 this month. That is pretty good for us.

Off I go to work on some more washi punching. Hope you are having a great week!

Week 1 of “48 Weeks With Donna Downey” Class

My Journey Begins…

The class consists of videos we can watch and replay over and over where she explains the techniques she is using and how to achieve the look on the page. Each week comes with a supply list she used which we can choose to follow or pick other supplies we have on hand. Donna has also set up a special facebook group for those of us in the class to share and discuss issues, products we are using etc. Also a place to ask her questions and get advice on how we are doing. One lady posted her page for the week and she had used something other than the door stencil Donna had used. I was leaning towards using something different too and this other student gave me a great idea of adding bricks on the page around the window I was going to use. I think it turned out pretty good. This was my first time trying image transfer and also my first time using joint compound on a page as the “surface”. My week one is done I think. I might fiddle with it more later or just tell myself leave it alone. Here is Donna’s page she made:


And here is my page:


Not showing in the page is the quote I added. “my journey begins” and I put it in the lower left corner of the right hand page.

I am certainly having fun so far but boy was I nervous posting my first pages in the group. Fear of negative feedback or no feedback at all. And don’t forget the feeling of “is mine going to be as good as the others?” So far everyone has liked/loved my little bird and my decision of using the window and adding the bricks. The image transfer was a little dis-concerning because I thought I had done it wrong but Donna told me it looked like I had nailed it.

So the page consists of muslin (I used some lightweight cotton fabric I had in my stash) covered in joint compound. Then you apply the printed image using the transfer technique. Add color around the page, I used neocolors and some acrylic paint. I glued down the painted chipboard window (visit to buy some of your own) and added the little bird which is a wood veneer by Studio Calico that I colored with neocolors. The bricks are done with modeling paste and a stencil then painted.

On another note, I purchased a throw pillow when I was at Walmart the other day, it caught my eye. I got home and later looked on my blog and noticed the same pillow is in the picture on the header LOL. It is the black square pillow with the red/white stems/leaves and the red bird. Too funny, I said I wanted a room just like that 😉

Happy creating!
Lady Blue

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year with friends and family. I also hope you got something nice for Christmas, whether it be something you can use for crafting, a favorite clothing item, tool etc, or being able to spend time with a special someone. My husband and son were both home this year and I was lucky enough to get a couple of nice things as gifts. One of them was what I have been calling adult crayons lol. My husband bought me the 84 count set of Caran D’Ache Neocolor II. I am sooooooo in love with these colors. I have already used a couple on a page. Love Love LOVE! how they work and cannot wait to use them more and more and learn all the fun techniques they have. For those who don’t know what they are, they are water-soluble (watercolor) crayons. Here is a picture of them,(someone else’s picture, mine are all brand new except two lol) drooooool.

Neocolor 2

I also began the first week of the Donna Downey 48 weeks course. It’s really fun learning new techniques such as image transfer and using products differently like joint compound (use on walls). I will show you pictures in the next post.

That’s it for now, just waiting on my image transfer to dry so I can continue with the next step. Happy Creating!

Lady Blue