Week 7 Inner Beauty

Here we are on week 7 of the course. It was lots of fun if you remember my last post, my hands got nice and messy with paint.

Here is Donna’s page


and here is mine


Lots of fun colors were used. One thing we did was spray the page with water while the paint was fresh to get the drippage effect. That created the lines that run upwards from the bottom of the page. The face is a stencil which I used archival ink through. On this page I used mostly acrylic paints and a little bit of neocolor II to help with the shading on the face. I didn’t rub my paint off like Donna did because the “measles effect” of the dots disturbed me lol and I wanted it to be more about the face than the background showing through if that makes sense. The swirly bits are made with a stencil and modeling paste.

Here you can see a close-up of one of the swirls and where I added some gold paint to highlight it a little. You can also see part of a rub-on I added to the page.


Here is a close-up of part of her face. Under her chin and ear is where I added the bit of shading, also along he hair. I need to practice on faces so I know all the places shadows will be to make it look realistic. I think I did pretty good though. You can also see where I added more rub-on words.


I’ve also been working on a Smash book for fitness. I have some unwanted weight and to help me keep track of working out or walking and my water intake etc. I wanted something fun to help keep it interesting. I took an old composition book and made some sections. I need to take some pictures of what I have done so I will show that in the next post along with my week 8 which I am working on now.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lady Blue