What’s up? And Some Awesome News!

Over the past few months I have not bothered to post much over here. Mainly because I’ve been posting everything to Youtube and trying to increase traffic over there. For the remainder of November and December I am going to select some videos I have posted and bring them to the blog and explain a bit about what my project was about. One of my goals for next year is to make sure to post my videos here after having them uploaded. I will not be posting my weekly chat videos, just projects. Part of the reason for this is because I started off here as a blogger about my craft and art and just because I have been using Youtube (now that I am more comfortable over there) I shouldn’t neglect where I started. Another reason is I found out yesterday I was selected as part of the design team for Canvas Corp Brands. They are the main company over 7Gypsies and Tattered Angels to name a couple (love their stuff!!). This was the first time I have applied to be on a design team and I am so excited that I was chosen. There were many other fine artists and crafters picked for next year that I am going to enjoy collaborating with. Oh did I mention its for the YEAR not just half or a few months, the WHOLE YEAR! How awesome is that! It was on my goals list to get on a design team and I have now been able to check that off. Here is the video they put on their Facebook page announcing the team selection. I am somewhere after 40 seconds

I don’t know what all is involved with being on the design team as I said before this is my first ever. I do know with some other companies you receive some of their products to work with and you make something and show how they can be used via blog, video etc. This helps others get ideas for their own projects. There were a few questions on the application that were a little different and one I marked I would be interested in included visiting thrift shops for interesting inspiration. Not sure what all that will entail but this area has lots of fun thrift shops and consignment shops to check out.

I will close for now and be sure to be on the lookout for those videos I said I would link over here. You might see some changes to the title of the blog but don’t be alarmed haha


End of September

Well it is now the end of September and I haven’t posted anything in a while oops lol. Month sure went by fast! I’ve been doing a bit of this and that but not really taking pictures of it. I have started working on making some different journal covers similar to Midori covers. I got the idea from a couple of different places and then added in a few things of my own. I’ll share that when I get to the picture taking stage. All I have done so far is cut up the faux leather and heat n bond. Along with that I made one for myself from real leather.


I got both pieces of Leather from Michael’s. They had one that was just the size I wanted so I didn’t have to do much work to it. I added the holes for the elastic string to fit through and I sewed the decorative leather strip to the cover so I would know which side was the front. It also hid the holes caused by the staples used to attach it to its bar-code hang tag. I have three signatures inside. One is a normal notebook style, one is graph paper I cut to fit and the last one is plain white paper. I have been getting into the habit of chucking it into my purse when I go out so that I have it handy for notes or doodles when the time arises. Oh and I bought a bigger purse lol. My old one was feeling a little cramped with the “normal” things I put in it and I could not fit any kind of planner or journal into it so I had to upgrade. Found it at Marshall’s for a great bargain.

Tuesday Morning is still my favorite place to visit with all its fun crafting goodness. My most recent trip I scored some 12 x 12 sheets of washi tape. These are great because you can cut them up into any shape you want. I’ve been using a couple of my punches to have a selection to grab from when the need arises.


I did one 12 inch strip for each shape and this is what I ended up with. I have one more pattern to do. I still have a large portion of the original paper left over. I did a 1″ square, two styles of heart, and a circle. I have one more punch I might try out, it is a flower.

I have been doing a bunch of Geocaching since the weather has cooled down some. It is a fun activity. Go to http://www.geocaching.com to check it out. My husband and I have found 37 this month. That is pretty good for us.

Off I go to work on some more washi punching. Hope you are having a great week!

Hero Arts Blog Hop

Hero Arts is a great stamp company. Today they kicked off a blog hop to get the word out about the new catalog coming out. Go check out Hero Arts here http://heroarts.com/blogs/club/2013/12/16/welcome-to-the-2014-hero-arts-catalog-blog-hop/#comment-267387 to start the Blog Hop, then go to each of the ladies in the Hop to see some wonderful card ideas. I’m making my list of “wants” from the catalog now 🙂 Be sure to comment on each blog to get your multiple entries in for some great prizes Hero Arts is giving away.

Happy Crafting and blog hopping!

Lady Blue

Busy Busy

Since you know I just moved then you’ll understand I have been busy getting the house sorted out. I have managed to do a couple little things crafty. But first we will discuss the shelves I was going to hang over the books.

I figured out where I wanted to place them and drug out my step stool, lined up the nail to start a hole and hit it with the hammer…… The wall told me “NO”. Ya the wall is solid concrete so that plan has been thwarted. I did find some great command strip Velcro tabs for hanging things so I have used those in a couple areas. However, the other shelves are way too thin to be able to get the right “grip” on the wall. I will find a new place for them elsewhere.

Since I couldn’t hang those shelves for the little jars I hooked the whole other shelf thing I had been using (is actually a ribbon holder minus the dowel) to the wall using the strips. The top of the little holder makes for an additional surface and currently is holding my distressed inks. Above the little shelf I added my magnetic whiteboard where I try to keep track of my daughter’s online school work lol.


Over here in this little spot near the door I have hung up my note board I made by re-purposing a door to my entertainment center. I also finally used my Clip It organizer. I’m using it for assorted ribbon rather than having the ribbon jammed in a box. It is sitting on that great drawer unit I picked up at Hobby Lobby a few months back.


Ok now on to crafty projects. I have several stepping stone type decorations. The one you see below had sat in the S Carolina weather and faded out the colors. It was pretty much the same boring grey all over. So I got out my paints and brightened it back up. I’m also going to put several layers of hard coat Modge Podge on it for protection.


I have a collection of movie ticket stubs from all the movies I have been to see. I have been trying to come up with a cool way to keep them rather than just shoved in some bag or box. After looking on Pinterest for some ideas I came up with this:

First I chose paper for the front and back and put those plus some chipboard covers (see here for when I bought them: https://bluecrafty.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/paper-and-haul/ ) into my Cinch to add the holes. I chose that specific size so it would fit into the little box I have been hanging on to.


Here you see the little book plus base pages bound with spiral next to the box I’m going to decorate.


And here it is fitting nicely into the box like I hoped it would.


I have already started decorating the box top and I will show that in a future post once I progress with the book further.

Hope all of you have been enjoying your own crafting

Lady Blue

More Unpacking and a New Toy!

Oh my gosh when does it stop?!?!?! haha

I have found the missing items I mentioned before in the post a few days ago. They were in a box in the living room of all places. Need my label maker but I know it’s in a box that was with my secretary desk contents so when I actually tackle that part I will find it and can finish up with organizing my craft space.

I have a couple of shelves that were just sitting around doing nothing at the old house (pfff they were still in the box) and I think they will look good on the wall over the books I showed previously. I have some small jars of buttons and other embellishments that would always sit on my desk space but I am trying to clear as much stuff off of there so I can use it properly. The shelves served no purpose before so this will be a win win situation I think.

Between the craft/office space and the bedroom were these doors:


You may say “oh my they are so pretty I’d love to have some like that”. Well ordinarily I would agree with you but in this case the doors were a pain in the butt. Off to the left of the doors you’ll see the corner of the room (bedroom) and putting anything in that space while having to fight with the door being in the way when open is not much fun.

So we took them off (note the light in the other room, that shines right in the husbands face when he lays in bed and the white tension rod I have added to the top of the door space):


And because I don’t always go to bed when the husband does, and that light is annoying to him (and the hinges are ugly), I re-purposed some curtains I cannot use here on any window. You can see in the picture where water has messed up the fabric. This was due to a leak in the bedroom window we didn’t know about at the other house. I had previously altered these tab top curtains to work on a smaller rod I had so now the tabs won’t work for anything else.


So I chopped them off:


After chopping off the tabs my plan was to sew on an area to slide a pole through. Then I didn’t feel like dragging out the sewing machine I haven’t unpacked yet so I got lazy and was just going to use some safety pins until I felt like completing the work properly. Probably the same time I would add about six inches of fabric to the bottom and also a piece across the damaged part to make it look extra fun and pretty. Well I picked up the curtain from the bottom on accident when getting ready to pin it and low and behold the bottom contained a ready-made section I could slide the pole through.

So TADA!! My upside down half finished curtain project:


As you can see they don’t go to the floor and that is why I would like to add some pretty fabric.

So my husband cannot help a whole lot with putting stuff away, since as the woman of the house I’m the one who knows best where everything was and where it should go now, he felt bad sitting around not doing much. He rewarded my work by telling me (among other things like foot rubs and what-not) that I could get some “big-ticket item” I have been wanting. Well only thing I have been wanting but held off til we moved has been this:


No more hand cranking to emboss or die cut! Woo hoo, save a wrist or two. Which I will need after all the box opening and paper cramming etc etc. It came in the mail today and I am excited to check out how it works.

Happy crafting!
Lady Blue