Mosiac “Stained Glass” Canvas

Long time no post. I am trying to get back in the habit of updating this site in addition to getting back into the swing of things on YouTube. I have a new video camera and different editing software to make my videos better. One way I will be keeping content fresh here is to link my YouTube videos. That being said here is a recent project I completed where I was trying out my new FW acrylic inks on some stretched canvas. I hope you enjoy the video.

DLP Week 8

Week eight??? wait a minute… Yes week eight lol. Week six I am still trying to sort out and week seven I haven’t felt inspired to do yet so I have left a space for it and have gone on to week eight. My journal I can do it in whatever order I like right. 🙂

The theme for the week is repeating elements. So I decided I wanted to use circles and the color blue. I of course put down a layer of gesso to start off. Then I came in with my largest circle stencil and my darkest blue, Paynes grey.


To give a few of those circles some added interest I covered them with Aleene’s Paper Glaze. This is sort of like glossy accents but not dimensional.


Next I chose a couple more lighter shades of blue and two more stencils that I cut myself and added this dotted “stripes” and random clusters. I made sure to have them overlap each other here and there.


Now while I am working on this I am watching the rare snow occurrence here in Louisiana. It put everyone out of school for three days haha. Back in Wyoming this would have been no big deal. Here however they do not have the equipment to handle this type of thing so its just safer if everyone stays home. It was pretty to watch but I’m glad I did not shovel it or go play in it. brrr


Next I added more circles using the center of a used up tape spool and also my finger. The rings were thicker paint and they added a nice bit of dimension to the page. I think using the metallic paint also adds some nice interest.



To finish it off I dabbed some tiny dots through my smallest stencil, some dots with a q tip in groups of three and also used some liquid pearls in groups of three and four. At this point I thought I was done.


As I was working on my Inspiration Wednesday page and was using my new script stencil I decided to use the extra molding paste on this page too.


Now I can call it done.


Here is my completed Inspiration Wednesday page I was working on


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Documented life week 5

Week five was Under papers and what lies beneath. I don’t put papers on my work surface due to the lack of space at the moment but I do use them behind my pages when working in a book. I did have in my stash of things a paper I had used to try out some foam stamps I had made. It also had some sprays tested on it.

First of all I created this ombre type background using black and grey acrylic paint and some white gesso. I got this idea from my lovely daughter. I chose these colors to offset the colorful nature of the papers I was going to layer on top.


I tore the papers lengthwise and rearranged them on the page so that they were not next to what they previously had been before. I used soft matte gel in a precision tip Fineline applicator bottle to glue them down. I did not make sure they were down at every little spot.


I knew I needed something else to go on the page so I rummaged in my stash and found my word stickers. This is the “Just Because” set from Cosmo Cricket. I picked out some that went with what I was feeling for the theme of the week and where the page was going. If you click on this picture below you can get the full sized version where you can zoom in and read all of the stickers used.


Here is a close-up of a couple of the stickers used. I coated the top and just over the edge with some more of the soft gel, just to make sure they stuck down and to add a bit of gloss to the matte look of the page. You can also see some of the colors that were on the paper I tore up.



Hope you like this weeks page. The next one is really yummy! Stayed tuned.

Documented Life 2015 Week 4

This weeks idea and prompt was writing and words with friends. I immediately thought of the game on my phone I play with some of my friends so I dug out some scrap book paper I have been hoarding, ripped it up and glued it down to the page. I added some gesso over it to push it to the background and then I wrote some stuff down about friends. Next I added a bit of modeling paste through a stencil. I went over that and the rest of the page with some acrylic paint and more gesso to push the writing into the background.


I was inspired by my 2nd week of Inspiration Wednesday (plus I still had some of the same bits still on my desk haha) to do a bit of collage. In this page below I used matte gel medium to really stick the pieces down. I wanted to do something a little different with the dlp page.


So I decided I would only glue it down here and there so that the texture of the crinkled bits and pieces would stick out. I also found a sticker in my stash that had a friend quote on it that went with my bit of journaling. I used distress ink on the edges to make it match with the colors on the page. The quote says “Cling to Worthy Friends ~ Confucius” After that I used some bronze and white paint to make some splats.


Here is a close-up of some of the bits of paper I used and you can see a couple of the splats I created.


Here is a nice view of the texture created through the stencil. You can also make out the scrabble tile paper in the background.


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Documented Life Week 3

I started off week 3 of the Documented Life Project by using a copy from a book of mandalas. I cut a few of the portions off as I was getting it ready for my page. I originally used some inktense pencils to color the sections and then decided I wanted it bolder. So after attaching it to my gesso’d page, I went over it a bit with more gesso. When I did that it activated some of the inktense and smeared out from the center paper. This is what gave me the idea for what to do next.


After I got the main color on using acrylics, I felt like playing with some water color. I used colors that seem to work between the main ones I chose. I like how the watercolor effect turned out in many places but feel I could have gotten a better result in others.


Here is the finished page to include most of the quote that was posted for the week. I chose to use a piece of white card-stock for the word color so it would be in “black and white”. I used a stamp set from Hampton Art with Stayzon ink for the sentiment.


Here you can see a close view of the lettering. I went over them with a Uniball Signo white gel pen.


Here you can see an area where I liked the way the watercolor ran around.


I also liked the look of the water color under the lettering here.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a great week!

Documented Life Week 2

Week two of my journal for Documented Life 2015 complete. This was a lot of fun. The item to use was gesso. So I started off by doing a white gesso layer over the whole spread. I have these tiny containers of paint from some old craft or something and I cannot bear to just toss them since they are still good. So I have been finding different uses for them. I used a light and dark orange all over the page. You can also see one of the flowers I am doing. I did not draw these myself. I used a Folk Art rub on pattern kit I found on clearance at one of the craft/hobby stores. It works similar to the rub-ons but it is graphite so you could erase it like a pencil

After getting all the flowers down I wanted to add I decided it needed a different border so I used black gesso around the edges.

Next I used some cream and white to paint the petals. I used yellow in the center and then sprinkled some assorted glitter. I covered the glitter with clear gesso which is showing white in the picture as it was not yet dry.

The flowers didn’t pop off the page so I outlined them with some black pen in a scribbled way and then used two different colors of pitt pen, smudging them together as I went. I decided I didn’t want to use the same quote they had provided in the prompt because many other people were using it and I wanted something unique. The quote they had was “The beginning is always today.” -Mary Shelley. I drug out my quote dictionary and found something about beginning. My quote comes from Alice In Wonderland.

Along the way of stamping out the quote I made my first mistake. I covered it up using a piece of paper stamped with the correct word and decided I liked that as part of the look so I changed a few of the other words to be on white paper. I edged them with distress ink and attached them with foam squares.




This was a lot of fun and I managed to get it all done in just a couple of hours. It took me four days to figure out what I wanted to do though haha.

Happy New Year and Documented Life Project

Today is the last day of 2014 and I cannot wait for it to be over. SO many things I am looking forward to next year. One of which is moving. Hoping a house is available when the time comes that allows me to have a bigger room for my arts and crafts that is dedicated to just my stuff.

So what do I have in plan for the new year? Well I still have not done any of my Lifebook 2014 pages so I can work on those when I choose. I have 2/3 of my 48 Weeks class I need to complete and I have several projects I need to finish. Needless to say I think one of my words for 2015 is going to be completion. Along with that I have chosen to do Documented Life Project 2015 and Inspiration Wednesdays with Donna Downey. Donna’s class is $35 and can be found here: And the DLP2015 project is free and can be found here: I am looking forward to both. I have started work on my cover for the DLP art journal. The class instructors decided on using a Dylusions large size journal. I have 3 of them I have not dedicated to anything yet so I chose to use the same as them. Here is the cover so far:





I decided to keep the cover art minimal so that as the year goes by any paint, inks or whatever that may end up on it won’t mess things up, just add to it and enhance it. The chipboard numbers are canvas covered so they will soak up any media that may be laying around. The symbols on the cover are from stencils I have. They say Happy and Love on the front and Peace and Lucky on the back. Later on I think I will outline them in black.

The interior cover can be decorated too. I put on some gesso and then added circles through assorted stencils using different media. I used gloss gel, acrylic paint, and modeling paste. I will add my words for the year on here later using some more canvas stickers.




There is also an interior pocket that I can decorate but have not decided how yet.

I even cleaned up my desk so I could get started on art in the new year without stuff getting in my way. I have also changed and expanded my product inventory book which I will share in a video.

Look forward to more posts, videos and additional places to see what art I am up to over next year.

Happy New year and all the best to you!

Gelli printing

I’ve had an 8×10 Gelli plate for a while but since I don’t have a lot of surface space to lay stuff out for drying, I had not tried to use it yet. Recently I found out that Gelli Arts had come out with a couple smaller sizes so I purchased a 5×7 and the 3×5. It is pretty easy to use the smaller one for smaller projects and I was able to do so with my limited space.

Today I used the 5×7 size. I have it here on this blue cutting mat I got from a dollar store. Easy to clean up and wont damage my Gelli plate. You need a roller, stencils, marking tools and paint. Once I had that gathered up, off I went to create some masterpieces. Well not masterpieces haha but something fun and pretty.


After playing around for an hour or so I was able to make the following things. Left side is small coin envelopes and on the right are some library card pockets. Some of the coin envelopes are colored on both sides and some I still need to finish. I only did one side of the library card pockets because you wont see the back side when it is glued into a book or art journal.


These I used some half sheets of 8×11.5 card-stock. It was scored and perforated to be used for cards. I added prints to both sides. Each side is different and I just showed a few of my favorite results.


Not bad for my first try at Gelli printing. I think I will add some doodle areas or other items to them. Not sure just what yet. I have some library cards, library card stickers and other things to use next time. It was really fun and relaxing so if you have been on the fence about trying this out you should get yourself one. Or you can even search for the gelatin recipe for making your own.

I also wanted to say that there are several videos I have posted on You tube that I have not posted about on here. Several are “happy mail” videos of things that come in the mail. Some are shopping trips to assorted locations for different things. I even have a flip through some of my projects. Please stop by and subscribe 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Painting Wood Flowers

Today I painted some wood flowers I got in the mail from a “Pick Your Plum” order. This site has some great deals from time to time so check it out. Rather than take pictures and post them with a bunch of words I am trying out the video process. So click the video below to learn what I did. After watching if you like what you saw and want to see more then head over to You Tube and subscribe to my channel. I already have a couple of videos posted and am working on a few more. Hope you have had a wonderful week and get to spend some time over the weekend doing something creative.

Lady Blue

My First ATCs – KIF Spring Groove

In my last post I showed the ATC book I made to hold the ATC’s I make and will receive in assorted swaps. Today I am showing the ATCs I made. Once I receive all five from my swap partners I will post pictures of them.

Here is my process for making mine.

I started by mod podging patterned tissue paper to some ATC mixed media cards. Looking back I would have chosen a thicker type of paper or add more layers since it seemed a bit thin at the end. The bit of curling you see here was gone by the final step.


Next I stamped a butterfly from 7Gypsies onto white cardstock using stayz-on. I colored it in using my Spectrum Noir pens and then covered it with liquid glass (glossy accents) from CTMH. While it was still wet I added some glitter. After it was dry I cut it out, chopping off the legs and antenna. I did this because it would be impossible to cut around those lines and have no white left. You’ll see what I did to fix that in the next picture.


Here you can see where I stamped the image on to the ATC. This allows me to add the one I cut out over it so the legs and antenna are on the butterfly again. I also stamped a bit of a ruler and some lacy border using grey stayz on. Additionally I used black soot distress ink around the edge of the card.


My next part on the card was to add some molding paste through a Dylusions stencil. I tinted it green sing some craft paint. When It dried I felt it needed to be darker so I went back in using a green Stabilo chalk pencil. Once I completed those I went over the whole card with mod podge to seal it all in.


My last step on the front was to add a flat backed pearl accent to a flower on each card. Here you can see all the cards ready to be put into envelopes to send out.


Here is a close-up of the completed card:


Here they all are in envelopes waiting for addresses of my swap group. I stamped the envelope and added a bit of washi tape to make it extra fun for whoever receives one.


One thing I forgot to take a picture of was the back. On ATC’s you are supposed to include specific information about the swap name, your name, etc. I found a stamp on Ebay so I didn’t have to write every little thing out. It was like this one:

atc stamp

I had a lot of fun making them and I hope those who get one of mine like it. Not bad for my first ever ATC’s I think 🙂

Hope you have a wonderfully arty/crafty day!
Lady Blue