New space

So here I am at my new house and in my new space. Here is a look at what it currently looks like.


I have everything out of the boxes and I am in the process of putting things away. The furniture you see in the room is in it’s final place.

Along with my room I have also been unpacking the entire house so it doesn’t leave me tons of time to do a lot of things but I have managed a couple of projects which you can hear about here:

Once I get more settled I will begin doing more projects and videos and showcasing my DecoArt products I received.

Stay tuned!


New Videos up

I did a few videos that are uploaded to YouTube where you can see what I have been up to. Please check my channel to watch them.

Here is the most recent one:

Still getting ready for the move 🙂

Three Inspiration Wednesday Pages

As you already know I have been getting ready to move. I have been doing my IW2015 pages and keeping up with them as a release from all the stress involved with having to have 13000+ pounds of belongings packed up by strangers. I really hate having them mess with my things but it has to be done as I am not capable of packing and moving all of that on my own lol.

So on to the pages. I mentioned I was already working on one in my last post and this is what I came up with.

I carried the gold I used on the last page over to this one. Donna used a word spread over her pages so I chose to use the one I picked as my word for the year. I mentioned this in my post back in January when I started DLP2015. My word is completion. I really love how the colors look like some old patina.


Here you can see how the letters are on the page. As always, if you click on any of my pictures you can go to the full sized image where you can really zoom in and see the details.


I really love how the gold caught on the texture and letters.


The next one I completed was pretty fun. It has a bit of a soft grungy look to it. Donna used sprays on her page for her black portion, I went with Acrylic paint.


I used a rub-on here


Here you can see some of the book text I added to the page.


Lastly my third page. I think this is one of my favorites so far. The background is bits of papers from my scraps. One of them had the word Lucky on it and was part of some mail I got from an order.


Got some great drippage going here. Look at how fun the drywall tape backing is.


Used a Pico Embellisher for these circles and added shadow with my inktense pencils. They really pop from the page and add a nice bit of extra dimension.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my pages and thanks for stopping by. Apparently this is my 100th post on the blog so woo me party!!! Just kidding haha.

Managed to squeeze in some art.

Along with sorting and cleaning to get ready to move I did finally manage to squeeze in a little time to work on a couple of pages in my Inspiration Wednesday journal. I also have a third page in progress.

In the spirit of a new home and place to explore I came up with “Begin Anew” as my words for this page. Here you can see the left half of my inclusion. I had to tape it in because I dont have inclusions since I am using a Moleskine sketchbook


Here is the right side


The circular areas come from cutting circles from some textured wallpaper I received in a swap. I arranged them in a way I liked and adhered them down in the same manner that Donna did in her video. Yummy texture on this one.


This next one encouraged us to use up some paper we have been hoarding. Again no inclusions and I didn’t want to tape another one in so I came up with the little booklet on the right page. Donna had done some glazing in her video and I didn’t feel like doing that so I just used distress ink and some gold coloring on my molding paste on the left side. I might come back in with a gold pen and do some journaling around the curved line.


Really hard to capture how the gold and the distress ink look like a patina on these lines


Gotta have a brown hole, what better place to add some of that yummy gold coloring. My two little dictionary pages were chosen based on the words they have. Home and Peace, which is what I will have in about 60 days 🙂


Thanks for stopping by

Found a house

I’ve been a little slacking in the art department because my husband and I had been concentrating on going on our trip to look for a place to live when we move this summer. We were very fortunate to not only find a house we really like but to also have the sellers accept our offer. We have a few more bits to take care of before we can officially call it ours but everything looks great so far. Right now all I want to share is the art room haha.

First lets remind ourselves of the current space.

This is the room before I filled it with everything
old art room

I have always enjoyed the windows but have also disliked them for the fact that you cannot really put anything in front of them and you certainly cannot hang anything there. One of the other walls is solid concrete and we are not allowed to put in any wall anchors. It also has two doors, one to enter the room and one to access the bathroom at the other side. In addition to all of that, the ceiling is slanted and prevents things being stacked above a certain height.

These are my two Ikea shelves where I store my fabric bins. I wanted two of the same height but they discontinued the taller one before I could get there and buy one, go figure lol. The white drawer unit also contains fabric but it is broken down into individual projects. I may or may not keep this drawer unit. Additionally I have my sewing machine still in its travel case because I have nowhere to put it.


Directly opposite from the fabric corner is my main workspace. I have my desk in the corner with my shoebox organizing system stacked on top as high as the slanted ceiling will allow. This ceiling has been a pain in the rear due to its many leaks. And yes, some of my things have become water damaged because of it. Sure it is “just” paper and stickers etc but I paid money for those things and I should not have to worry about my stuff getting ruined inside my home. Going in an L from that desk is my plastic folding table where I have my computer and access to my Cameo and Cricket. At the end of that table is the six cube shelf system where I store many books and journals. This creates a large U where my office chair resides that I can spin around in. Off the picture to the right is the big desk where my daughter does her school work. It takes up a quarter of the room and I am getting rid of that desk for sure.


Turning towards your left I have my rolling storage. Two are black drawer units and one is the divided shelves. When you cannot go horizontal, you go vertical, hence the stacked things on top.


At the end of that is my white storage cabinet that contains my extras and back up supplies of tapes and additionally supplies for projects I don’t do as often. You can also see the bathroom door.


At the side of the white cabinet I later added this small shelf. It is a media shelf for dvds or cd’s but we bought a new system for the living room so I brought this upstairs since it fit so nice in this small spot. It holds my tubes of paints. There is another shelf that is wider that I want to add into the new room too, there is not a space for it in this room.


Also not shown is my Raskog cart and my Sam’s club version of the cart.

Here is the new room (seller is still in the home for a few more weeks)


This room is about 2 feet longer and wider than my current space and has a small walk in closet. Not sure yet how I want to arrange everything but I’m going to enjoy not having carpet anymore, (easier clean-up) and I can roll my two carts around where they are needed without struggling with them on the carpet.

Excited to get this move done so I can set up my new space. I’ll probably do some video of it too.

DLP Week 8

Week eight??? wait a minute… Yes week eight lol. Week six I am still trying to sort out and week seven I haven’t felt inspired to do yet so I have left a space for it and have gone on to week eight. My journal I can do it in whatever order I like right. 🙂

The theme for the week is repeating elements. So I decided I wanted to use circles and the color blue. I of course put down a layer of gesso to start off. Then I came in with my largest circle stencil and my darkest blue, Paynes grey.


To give a few of those circles some added interest I covered them with Aleene’s Paper Glaze. This is sort of like glossy accents but not dimensional.


Next I chose a couple more lighter shades of blue and two more stencils that I cut myself and added this dotted “stripes” and random clusters. I made sure to have them overlap each other here and there.


Now while I am working on this I am watching the rare snow occurrence here in Louisiana. It put everyone out of school for three days haha. Back in Wyoming this would have been no big deal. Here however they do not have the equipment to handle this type of thing so its just safer if everyone stays home. It was pretty to watch but I’m glad I did not shovel it or go play in it. brrr


Next I added more circles using the center of a used up tape spool and also my finger. The rings were thicker paint and they added a nice bit of dimension to the page. I think using the metallic paint also adds some nice interest.



To finish it off I dabbed some tiny dots through my smallest stencil, some dots with a q tip in groups of three and also used some liquid pearls in groups of three and four. At this point I thought I was done.


As I was working on my Inspiration Wednesday page and was using my new script stencil I decided to use the extra molding paste on this page too.


Now I can call it done.


Here is my completed Inspiration Wednesday page I was working on


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