Three Inspiration Wednesday Pages

As you already know I have been getting ready to move. I have been doing my IW2015 pages and keeping up with them as a release from all the stress involved with having to have 13000+ pounds of belongings packed up by strangers. I really hate having them mess with my things but it has to be done as I am not capable of packing and moving all of that on my own lol.

So on to the pages. I mentioned I was already working on one in my last post and this is what I came up with.

I carried the gold I used on the last page over to this one. Donna used a word spread over her pages so I chose to use the one I picked as my word for the year. I mentioned this in my post back in January when I started DLP2015. My word is completion. I really love how the colors look like some old patina.


Here you can see how the letters are on the page. As always, if you click on any of my pictures you can go to the full sized image where you can really zoom in and see the details.


I really love how the gold caught on the texture and letters.


The next one I completed was pretty fun. It has a bit of a soft grungy look to it. Donna used sprays on her page for her black portion, I went with Acrylic paint.


I used a rub-on here


Here you can see some of the book text I added to the page.


Lastly my third page. I think this is one of my favorites so far. The background is bits of papers from my scraps. One of them had the word Lucky on it and was part of some mail I got from an order.


Got some great drippage going here. Look at how fun the drywall tape backing is.


Used a Pico Embellisher for these circles and added shadow with my inktense pencils. They really pop from the page and add a nice bit of extra dimension.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my pages and thanks for stopping by. Apparently this is my 100th post on the blog so woo me party!!! Just kidding haha.

Steampunk Altered Book

Several months ago I picked up a couple of encyclopedias from a consignment thrift store that was closing down. A couple of weeks ago I was watching a video by Kim Reed on YouTube and I was struck with inspiration on what to do with one of my books.  Here is a video I did a few days ago explaining my Graphic 45 paper haul and the details of the paper and their use in the book.

Yesterday I started work on the cover. Boy it was hard work using that Xacto knife

step 1

Here is where I am today. I progressed much faster when I remembered I have a Dremel tool and can drill out all that stuff a lot easier lol. I have placed a piece of light-weight chipboard behind the page and poked holes to put the brads through to trial-fit the gears. Two of the gears have a larger center hole and cause the gear to flop out of position. I need to figure out a way to stop that so the gears will maintain their alignment so they can spin the next one in line.


Hope this inspires you to create something steampunk. Keep checking back for my progression on this book.

Week 12 and ATC Book

I completed week 12 last week, here is Donna’s version:


Here is my version:


I also did it in my moleskine journal using the leftover paints.


Here is my process. First I added some background texture using modeling paste and a stencil. Then I added all kinds of yummy color on the page. I chose colors I thought would look good peeking through after the next step.


Next I made flower outlines:


Then I painted in half of the page using black acrylic paint mixed with glazing medium. I wanted the glossy look:


I had a bunch of paint left over so I prepped a page in my altered book. This is the beginning of a black and white page.


I added white paint to the top of the page and used a white pen to write the quote on the bottom.

Here are some close-ups of the flower details. I used an assortment of paints, India ink, and pens and also added dimensional dots using liquid pearls. You can also get a better look at the underlying texture on the page.




One of the other things I have done is this ATC book. What is an ATC? It stands for Artist Trading Card and they are the same size as baseball cards. Think of them as mini canvases of artwork. One of the groups I am in on facebook (same one doing the altered book project) is having an ATC swap. This will be my first one. I wanted something to store the cards in that I will make (you make one for yourself along with the ones you send out) along with the ones I will receive in the mail. I took apart a smash book type album I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby and used the covers for it. I recovered it using scrapbook paper I had in my stash. Next I distressed the edges and covered it with decou-page. The letters are chip-board and also from my stash. I covered them with printed tissue paper using the decou-page and then put a coating of UT over it. I glued them to the page and then re punched holes that would work for 3 rings instead of the wire bound holes originally in the book. The final touch is the nice red 7gypsie rings I got for a great bargain at Tuesday Mornings a while ago.


Here is the inside where you can see the page where the ATC’s will be inserted. The left hand page has a pocket on the other side. You can see the original hole configuration here. Additionally in front of that are two pages with lines that I can write in the different swap theme names and dates.


I am working on my ATC’s right now, just got my stamp in the mail that will go on the backs. Once I finish I will post some pictures for you to see.

Hope you are having a great week being artsy or crafty 😉
Lady Blue

Altered Book Project Spread Two

Here is the next set of pages in the book I am altering. My book’s theme is color so this page was for yellow.


After putting down gesso I used some paint at the bottom of the page and sprayed it with water to get the drippage. Next I used Faber-Castell Gelatos to make the “humps” using the edge of a scalloped paper as my template. The half circle parts on the edge are cut outs from some fun paper bags I found at a store that I thought would make great book covers. These bits came from the sides of the bag where the folds were. I didn’t want to waste any part of the paper. The Bliss word came from a packet of die cut cardstock by K&Company called Flora and Fauna. Only place I was able to find more for a good price was Joanns online. The packet has lots of great pieces that I plan to use a few of in this book. (that’s why I bought more lol) I colored it using paints and some distress ink.


I painted this chipboard birdcage using assorted acrylic paints. I purchased it from this great little company that hasn’t been out very long. It is a husband and wife team and they have some great things. Check them out here: When I painted it I forgot to make the birds look like they were inside the cage. Later when I noticed it, I decided I liked it that way. It is a perch rather than a confinement.


Here you can see my wood mushrooms that I painted with acrylic paint. They are by Prima as is the paper flowers on the page. The other flowers are a faux leather and I do not remember the maker name, I got them at a great discount at Ross or something.


I added little stickers to the center to make the flowers look complete. They were from a Halloween set by My Minds Eye that I got in the clearance bin at Michaels. The larger leaves were made using a Dylusions stencil and then painted and accented with a marker.

Week 1 of “48 Weeks With Donna Downey” Class

My Journey Begins…

The class consists of videos we can watch and replay over and over where she explains the techniques she is using and how to achieve the look on the page. Each week comes with a supply list she used which we can choose to follow or pick other supplies we have on hand. Donna has also set up a special facebook group for those of us in the class to share and discuss issues, products we are using etc. Also a place to ask her questions and get advice on how we are doing. One lady posted her page for the week and she had used something other than the door stencil Donna had used. I was leaning towards using something different too and this other student gave me a great idea of adding bricks on the page around the window I was going to use. I think it turned out pretty good. This was my first time trying image transfer and also my first time using joint compound on a page as the “surface”. My week one is done I think. I might fiddle with it more later or just tell myself leave it alone. Here is Donna’s page she made:


And here is my page:


Not showing in the page is the quote I added. “my journey begins” and I put it in the lower left corner of the right hand page.

I am certainly having fun so far but boy was I nervous posting my first pages in the group. Fear of negative feedback or no feedback at all. And don’t forget the feeling of “is mine going to be as good as the others?” So far everyone has liked/loved my little bird and my decision of using the window and adding the bricks. The image transfer was a little dis-concerning because I thought I had done it wrong but Donna told me it looked like I had nailed it.

So the page consists of muslin (I used some lightweight cotton fabric I had in my stash) covered in joint compound. Then you apply the printed image using the transfer technique. Add color around the page, I used neocolors and some acrylic paint. I glued down the painted chipboard window (visit to buy some of your own) and added the little bird which is a wood veneer by Studio Calico that I colored with neocolors. The bricks are done with modeling paste and a stencil then painted.

On another note, I purchased a throw pillow when I was at Walmart the other day, it caught my eye. I got home and later looked on my blog and noticed the same pillow is in the picture on the header LOL. It is the black square pillow with the red/white stems/leaves and the red bird. Too funny, I said I wanted a room just like that 😉

Happy creating!
Lady Blue

New Art Journal Page & Handmade Book

Took me a couple days to get back to that post I was going to “do tomorrow” lol. Don’t forget to look at my previous post for a link to a blog hop going on where you have a chance to win some great stencils.

Ok on to my stuff, I finished working on the blue page with hearts I showed before. Here it is:


If you compare it to my previous picture you can see where I added to it. Make sure to click on the picture to make it full sized so you can see the awesome dimension and texture on the page. I added more color around each heart, stamped some background script all over the page, and on the photo. Then I stamped, painted, cut out and attached the word Enjoy. Stamped “what life has to offer” along the spiral and then I called it done.

Next page I have finished is this one:


I started with using a stencil for the shape of the flowers. I painted each flower and stem. The butterfly are re-purposed from an old card. I didn’t like how the looked so I covered them with black or white Gesso and then used rub on transfers to make them look like fun butterfly. I added wire to them for the antennae and stuck them to the page using pop dot squares. The “grass” at the bottom was done using tissue paper, same with the taller plant object near the spine. Along the top I took old sheet music and tore it up, distressed the edges and glued it on. The saying on this one is “Bloom where you are planted” Which is fitting for a Mil Spouse who has to move around and find a new way of feeling at home, etc.

This next project was started before I moved. I had bought a sketch pad tore the pages out and folded them neatly in half. Then they sat for a few months. I dug out the tutorial video I had saved on Pinterest showing how to do Coptic binding and got to work. I used black chipboard for the cover. Now I have another art journal book that does not have a spiral in the middle of the spread lol.


Here is a close-up of the extra blue thread detail I added along the spine


Happy Halloween, here is a link to Fall/Halloween cards

And here is a link to Halloween decorations


Lady Blue

Busy Busy

Since you know I just moved then you’ll understand I have been busy getting the house sorted out. I have managed to do a couple little things crafty. But first we will discuss the shelves I was going to hang over the books.

I figured out where I wanted to place them and drug out my step stool, lined up the nail to start a hole and hit it with the hammer…… The wall told me “NO”. Ya the wall is solid concrete so that plan has been thwarted. I did find some great command strip Velcro tabs for hanging things so I have used those in a couple areas. However, the other shelves are way too thin to be able to get the right “grip” on the wall. I will find a new place for them elsewhere.

Since I couldn’t hang those shelves for the little jars I hooked the whole other shelf thing I had been using (is actually a ribbon holder minus the dowel) to the wall using the strips. The top of the little holder makes for an additional surface and currently is holding my distressed inks. Above the little shelf I added my magnetic whiteboard where I try to keep track of my daughter’s online school work lol.


Over here in this little spot near the door I have hung up my note board I made by re-purposing a door to my entertainment center. I also finally used my Clip It organizer. I’m using it for assorted ribbon rather than having the ribbon jammed in a box. It is sitting on that great drawer unit I picked up at Hobby Lobby a few months back.


Ok now on to crafty projects. I have several stepping stone type decorations. The one you see below had sat in the S Carolina weather and faded out the colors. It was pretty much the same boring grey all over. So I got out my paints and brightened it back up. I’m also going to put several layers of hard coat Modge Podge on it for protection.


I have a collection of movie ticket stubs from all the movies I have been to see. I have been trying to come up with a cool way to keep them rather than just shoved in some bag or box. After looking on Pinterest for some ideas I came up with this:

First I chose paper for the front and back and put those plus some chipboard covers (see here for when I bought them: ) into my Cinch to add the holes. I chose that specific size so it would fit into the little box I have been hanging on to.


Here you see the little book plus base pages bound with spiral next to the box I’m going to decorate.


And here it is fitting nicely into the box like I hoped it would.


I have already started decorating the box top and I will show that in a future post once I progress with the book further.

Hope all of you have been enjoying your own crafting

Lady Blue