DIY 7Gypsies Carousel

In today’s video rewind we will look at what I did to create my own 7Gyspsies carousel since I could not find any for sale anywhere. This video was part of a collaborative posting event for YouTube creators so it has a hashtag added to it.


Painted Clothes Pins and Recycled Paper Books

Wow it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Amazing how time flies when you least expect it. Today I am sharing a couple of things I have worked on and a shout-out to myself 😉

First up the recycled paper books.
When we moved here in August we had tons of paper from all the breakables and the huge multi-layered sheets they used to wrap up plastic totes. While in the process of clearing out some of those paper sheets in the attic a few months ago, I noticed that one of the layers had some cool texture. So I peeled it out and set it aside. One sheet of this paper was big enough to cover the top of my queen sized bed. A couple of weeks ago I finally used that big paper to make pages for my books. Here you can see the two types of paper I found and saved. Such fun texture!


I took cardboard food boxes I had saved and measured them to see what size pages would fit in them. Then I proceeded to cut/tear from the large sheets what I needed for each book. After that I set up signatures and test fit them to the covers as seen in this next picture. I was able to make three signatures for each book of 8-10 pages a piece. One book has four signatures. In addition they provide space to add in chunky items or extra signatures.


I learned a tip somewhere (cannot remember who, might have been Kathy Orta) of using tyvek envelopes as reinforcement for binding signatures. It stops your thread from ripping through the cardboard. This next picture shows the strip of tyvek attached to the cover and lines drawn for where the signatures will be placed. I have pierced holes using an awl type tool and sewn in the first signature using waxed thread. The tyvek was attached using double sided tape.


Here are all of the books showing the binding and thread. This will be covered up as I decided what to decorate the covers with.


All the rough bits of edge look awesome. It was fun to use products that would have gone in the recycle bin. I now have six new books I can do art in or add things into like a Smash book. I also have a video on my YouTube channel where I talk about them.


Next up is my painted clothes pegs. While shopping here and there I kept noticing decorated clothes pins. Some were painted, others had glitter or words on them. My frugal mind said “don’t buy those, you can make them yourself for cheaper”. So I did.

Here they are completed. I painted them then added rub-ons for the numbers. I will be posting a video on my YouTube channel of my process for these once I get it edited. I am going to make more in assorted sizes.


My shout-out is to please visit my YouTube Channel and subscribe. I’m at 29 subscribers so far and I would like to do a give-away when I reach 100.

Hope you have had a great couple of weeks doing crafty things, I know I have.