Documented Life Week 2

Week two of my journal for Documented Life 2015 complete. This was a lot of fun. The item to use was gesso. So I started off by doing a white gesso layer over the whole spread. I have these tiny containers of paint from some old craft or something and I cannot bear to just toss them since they are still good. So I have been finding different uses for them. I used a light and dark orange all over the page. You can also see one of the flowers I am doing. I did not draw these myself. I used a Folk Art rub on pattern kit I found on clearance at one of the craft/hobby stores. It works similar to the rub-ons but it is graphite so you could erase it like a pencil

After getting all the flowers down I wanted to add I decided it needed a different border so I used black gesso around the edges.

Next I used some cream and white to paint the petals. I used yellow in the center and then sprinkled some assorted glitter. I covered the glitter with clear gesso which is showing white in the picture as it was not yet dry.

The flowers didn’t pop off the page so I outlined them with some black pen in a scribbled way and then used two different colors of pitt pen, smudging them together as I went. I decided I didn’t want to use the same quote they had provided in the prompt because many other people were using it and I wanted something unique. The quote they had was “The beginning is always today.” -Mary Shelley. I drug out my quote dictionary and found something about beginning. My quote comes from Alice In Wonderland.

Along the way of stamping out the quote I made my first mistake. I covered it up using a piece of paper stamped with the correct word and decided I liked that as part of the look so I changed a few of the other words to be on white paper. I edged them with distress ink and attached them with foam squares.




This was a lot of fun and I managed to get it all done in just a couple of hours. It took me four days to figure out what I wanted to do though haha.

Documented Life 2015 First Prompt

As I said in my previous post, my word for the year is going to be “completion”. I’ve picked this word because I have many project started and have not completed. So this year is about getting those done and also completing goals I have for my self.

On to the Prompt for this week which was released yesterday Jan 1 2015. They said to use book text, your word, and some goals. So this is what I have come up with (NOTE: Clicking on the individual picture will bring up a full resolution image where you can see more details and zoom in even more)

First I put down some acrylic paint. I chose Ocean green and Parchment as my main colors and added a little Bright aqua green here and there and around the edge.

Since I have about a gazillion letter stickers of every type imaginable I chose to use some of those to show my word for the year. I conveniently had some with book text on them. I laid them out on the page where I thought I would like them but not attaching them yet.

Trying to use more of my stash items I found these frame cut out stickers from who knows where lol and they also had some book text on them. I thought it would look nice to make them into a type of pocket so I could insert the shipping tags. Being they were a frame the tags fell out through the hole so I solved that problem by added a piece of polka-dot velum.

And here is the finished layout. Since the tags and pockets needed a little extra something I added some washi tape to the tag. Additionally I used some glitter number stickers to label the pockets. Tied the strings on the tags like a pair of shoes and Voila! On the back of the tags I wrote some things I need to complete this year. I also went over the edge of the pages with some Tim Holtz black soot Distress ink.

Here you can see the book text on the letters and the frames, along with the bit of shadow around the frames I created using a Big brush Pitt pen and smudging it. A tip I learned from Vicky Papaioannou on Youtube.


Have a great weekend!

Happy New Year and Documented Life Project

Today is the last day of 2014 and I cannot wait for it to be over. SO many things I am looking forward to next year. One of which is moving. Hoping a house is available when the time comes that allows me to have a bigger room for my arts and crafts that is dedicated to just my stuff.

So what do I have in plan for the new year? Well I still have not done any of my Lifebook 2014 pages so I can work on those when I choose. I have 2/3 of my 48 Weeks class I need to complete and I have several projects I need to finish. Needless to say I think one of my words for 2015 is going to be completion. Along with that I have chosen to do Documented Life Project 2015 and Inspiration Wednesdays with Donna Downey. Donna’s class is $35 and can be found here: And the DLP2015 project is free and can be found here: I am looking forward to both. I have started work on my cover for the DLP art journal. The class instructors decided on using a Dylusions large size journal. I have 3 of them I have not dedicated to anything yet so I chose to use the same as them. Here is the cover so far:





I decided to keep the cover art minimal so that as the year goes by any paint, inks or whatever that may end up on it won’t mess things up, just add to it and enhance it. The chipboard numbers are canvas covered so they will soak up any media that may be laying around. The symbols on the cover are from stencils I have. They say Happy and Love on the front and Peace and Lucky on the back. Later on I think I will outline them in black.

The interior cover can be decorated too. I put on some gesso and then added circles through assorted stencils using different media. I used gloss gel, acrylic paint, and modeling paste. I will add my words for the year on here later using some more canvas stickers.




There is also an interior pocket that I can decorate but have not decided how yet.

I even cleaned up my desk so I could get started on art in the new year without stuff getting in my way. I have also changed and expanded my product inventory book which I will share in a video.

Look forward to more posts, videos and additional places to see what art I am up to over next year.

Happy New year and all the best to you!