Gelli printing

I’ve had an 8×10 Gelli plate for a while but since I don’t have a lot of surface space to lay stuff out for drying, I had not tried to use it yet. Recently I found out that Gelli Arts had come out with a couple smaller sizes so I purchased a 5×7 and the 3×5. It is pretty easy to use the smaller one for smaller projects and I was able to do so with my limited space.

Today I used the 5×7 size. I have it here on this blue cutting mat I got from a dollar store. Easy to clean up and wont damage my Gelli plate. You need a roller, stencils, marking tools and paint. Once I had that gathered up, off I went to create some masterpieces. Well not masterpieces haha but something fun and pretty.


After playing around for an hour or so I was able to make the following things. Left side is small coin envelopes and on the right are some library card pockets. Some of the coin envelopes are colored on both sides and some I still need to finish. I only did one side of the library card pockets because you wont see the back side when it is glued into a book or art journal.


These I used some half sheets of 8×11.5 card-stock. It was scored and perforated to be used for cards. I added prints to both sides. Each side is different and I just showed a few of my favorite results.


Not bad for my first try at Gelli printing. I think I will add some doodle areas or other items to them. Not sure just what yet. I have some library cards, library card stickers and other things to use next time. It was really fun and relaxing so if you have been on the fence about trying this out you should get yourself one. Or you can even search for the gelatin recipe for making your own.

I also wanted to say that there are several videos I have posted on You tube that I have not posted about on here. Several are “happy mail” videos of things that come in the mail. Some are shopping trips to assorted locations for different things. I even have a flip through some of my projects. Please stop by and subscribe 🙂

Have a great weekend!