Week 12 and ATC Book

I completed week 12 last week, here is Donna’s version:


Here is my version:


I also did it in my moleskine journal using the leftover paints.


Here is my process. First I added some background texture using modeling paste and a stencil. Then I added all kinds of yummy color on the page. I chose colors I thought would look good peeking through after the next step.


Next I made flower outlines:


Then I painted in half of the page using black acrylic paint mixed with glazing medium. I wanted the glossy look:


I had a bunch of paint left over so I prepped a page in my altered book. This is the beginning of a black and white page.


I added white paint to the top of the page and used a white pen to write the quote on the bottom.

Here are some close-ups of the flower details. I used an assortment of paints, India ink, and pens and also added dimensional dots using liquid pearls. You can also get a better look at the underlying texture on the page.




One of the other things I have done is this ATC book. What is an ATC? It stands for Artist Trading Card and they are the same size as baseball cards. Think of them as mini canvases of artwork. One of the groups I am in on facebook (same one doing the altered book project) is having an ATC swap. This will be my first one. I wanted something to store the cards in that I will make (you make one for yourself along with the ones you send out) along with the ones I will receive in the mail. I took apart a smash book type album I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby and used the covers for it. I recovered it using scrapbook paper I had in my stash. Next I distressed the edges and covered it with decou-page. The letters are chip-board and also from my stash. I covered them with printed tissue paper using the decou-page and then put a coating of UT over it. I glued them to the page and then re punched holes that would work for 3 rings instead of the wire bound holes originally in the book. The final touch is the nice red 7gypsie rings I got for a great bargain at Tuesday Mornings a while ago.


Here is the inside where you can see the page where the ATC’s will be inserted. The left hand page has a pocket on the other side. You can see the original hole configuration here. Additionally in front of that are two pages with lines that I can write in the different swap theme names and dates.


I am working on my ATC’s right now, just got my stamp in the mail that will go on the backs. Once I finish I will post some pictures for you to see.

Hope you are having a great week being artsy or crafty πŸ˜‰
Lady Blue

Your Journey

I saw a quote on Pinterest that I think goes hand in hand with my art I will be doing this year. Here it is:

“Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey.
They don’t need to, it’s not for them.”

This journey I have started with learning more art techniques and getting my creativity out of me onto canvas or paper, really is about ME and nobody else. I don’t need any family members or friends to praise me on my work. When it happens I feel good about myself but not receiving any feedback isn’t going to make me sad either. I have not even shared my work with any of them (except the one who reads this blog) This is all for MY benefit. Nobody has to understand why I am doing it. That being said I felt I needed to remind myself daily that this is for my benefit and growth. The techniques I use are not “right” or “wrong” nor do I need to explain what something means or what is it used for. It just IS.

Here is the completed panel. I printed it out, trimmed it down and added a couple layers of card-stock behind it. I used some distress ink on the edges of the paper then glued down some lace trim. Next I picked out a metal embellishment and glued it down with some tulle behind it and finished it off with a cameo sticker.


Here it is in the holder. The holder is for 8×8 pages and I have a few more plastic inserts so I can make additional things to display. It is made by Recollections and I got it at Michaels.


Hope you are having a creative beginning of your week, I’m off to add more layers to my week two pages πŸ™‚

Lady Blue

Halloween Mini Album and Art Journal

In my last post I mentioned I was working on a mini album for Halloween. It is not done yet but it’s mostly there and far enough along that I can show some pictures. All of the Halloween deco in the book were purchased on sale/clearance.

For the cover I added this cute piece which is actually one of those cheap balsa wood ornaments they sell at the craft stores and you paint them yourself. I loved the little ornament (have a witch one too) but really had no idea what to use them for at first but for 49 cents I couldn’t pass up getting a couple lol. I also added a fastener to keep the book closed and a little bat and some fabric flowers.


This skeleton actually had no bendy legs so he would not fit on the inside cover. I solved that problem by cutting it just above the knee cap bone and re-attached the bottom half of the leg into a more suitable arrangement. He has his cup of poison (probably what killed him) and a picture on the wall. The owl on the next page was actually part of the paper I cut to fit. On the edge of the right page (and all the rest) you can see a piece of black paper hanging out. This part is not completed yet but they will be able to be pulled out and up to four pictures added to each of them. (or tickets, candy wrappers, whatever memorabilia)


On this page I have used some of those triangle banner pieces I made (mentioned in last post as well). I added the word “boo” using some rub-on stickers. The right side page I added what is called a “belly band” and a little embellishment at the bottom to keep the tag from falling out.


Here you see one of the spider webs I cut out mentioned in a previous post. I only attached it along the corner edge so I could tuck something in. There is another one added on a different page that I did not take a picture of. On the right side is a spider that was on the paper I cut out. I added some black glitter stickles to his legs and some silver liquid pearls to the web line he is hanging from.


This picture shows a little half page I created that has a tag stuck into it. On the reverse of the flap I added one of the candelabra cut outs I made. This little pocket flap has a section hiding behind it where additional pockets are attached to the next page. The stripy bit you can see is the washi tape I added to some tags that are stuffed into the two small pockets.


This shows the “split page” pockets I made, they have a tag in each. The books on the left is another rub-on and the right side page webbing I added some more liquid pearls accent.


This picture shows the last page and back cover where I added a bunch of little pockets for tucking things into. I used a circle punch to create the cutouts.


I really enjoyed making this and it was not overly complicated so I will be making more of them in other themes.

Next on my list is the Art Journal. I have been watching lots of different youtube videos of ladies who are very talented Art journalists. The things they can paint and draw are amazing to me. I have been putting off doing more in the altered book I showed here: https://bluecrafty.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/paper-and-haul/ simply because I wasn’t really thrilled about what I had done so far and I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it. What I have done now is start a completely different book that is much bigger and can allow for a larger assortment of products used. This helped with my “creative block”. I have only done three pages so far and each one may or may not be complete, time will tell as I look back at them and decide if I want to add more. Before I go on to the pictures I just want to say how relaxing it is just to slap whatever I feel like onto the page without worrying about measurements or if a technique is done a certain way, or what it is supposed to mean etc. This is for me to do what I want in a way that makes me happy and allows me to get creative without the restriction of a 4 x 6 space. The only thing I had to buy was modeling paste, the rest is all items I already had, so this is a great way to start using up some of my craft stuff.

This is the first page, I used mod podge to attach three different colors of blue tissue paper to the page. Once that was dry I added the tree branch with birdcage using a stencil and some stamp ink. Two of the little birds are laser cut wood which I have colored and glued to the page. There is a moon rub on and I added the year I started doing this particular book using chipboard I colored. In the corner is a piece of paper with washi tape holding it on that I included a date and notes about the page.


This page started as a sketch of the large flower and then I added yellow puffy fabric paint on top of. The fabric paint is pretty old lol and useless for any kind of outfit art but I didn’t want to just throw it out and this was a great reason why. When I rub my hand across the paper I can feel that outline and it’s pretty cool. The pink, yellow, blue, and green are all acrylic paints. The flowers and stems at the bottom are a mix of rub on and card-stock stickers. I’m not done with this page, the flowers need some leaves but I haven’t decided how I want to put them on there. Also I want to do more with the sunflower petals.


On the next picture I first slapped down some blue paint and then added the swirling dots. I also added some spiral swirls which I later didn’t like so I covered them with modeling paste using a brick wall stencil. The texture on those is great! The hearts are cut from old dictionary book paper I got from an order on Ebay; and then I colored the edges and added some glossy accent to it. After that I decided they needed some mod podge. They are glued to the page with some ripped mulberry paper behind them. I went fishing with my husband (not to actually fish) and took a few pictures in black and white to use in some projects; attached is one of the pictures using photo corners from my stash. I have some words stamped out I will be adding as I finish the page. I’m having fun with this art journaling book.


Lastly here are some more shapes I have cut from that sticky paper I have been hoarding. Now in a more useful shape πŸ™‚


Thanks for reading, please post any questions you have and I hope you are having a great week in your own crafting and art πŸ™‚

Lady Blue

New Ideas for Old Supply Stash.

Many years ago I bought a kit of scrap-booking supplies off HSN or QVC (been so long I cannot remember for sure). The kit came with four different sized adhesive backed papers, sticker tabs, borders, metal ringed tags, card-stock tags, and some other “sticker” type items. It was a great set of paper and embellishments for a great price. I have used several of the tags and stickers but the paper has sat there waiting. Last week I discovered a purpose for the 2 x 12 strips of that paper. Here is a picture of those strips:

As you can see, some of the pattern ones aren’t exactly “to die for”.

I have been seeing a lot of pennant banner type things coming out. Like this one:

banner card

I figured why buy those little banner stickers (because they do sell them) when I can make my own. So I cut up a strip of the wood grain and the cork board papers and here is what I got:


Well they turned out pretty nice so while I was at it I might as well cut up every 2 x 12 strip into them so I have a ready assortment of colors for any project possibility. AND even better, they already have a sticky backing so I don’t have to hunt down glue or tape etc. I even kept the tiny leftover pieces from each end in case they could be handy for something lol. They actually will fit together to make another banner triangle and can be two colors.


So there you have it, a way to re-purpose stash to a more useful embellishment option. I think from some of the larger pieces of paper I’ll make some different shaped ones.

I’ve been working on a Halloween mini album this week too. I’m really enjoying it and will show it when I am done. If you want to see how to make an album base (blank book you can add any topic you want to it) like the one I am using then head on over to Youtube and watch this video by Kathy Orta for the binding system: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajwfa5u4ALQ (she has tons of wonderful project ideas, love her videos) And for the pages I got my information from Cassie Keith http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X8X89V_bnA Her second video to that one also shows Kathy Orta’s binding system and also how to complete the cover in the same fashion as Kathy. She goes pretty quick in the video but you can figure it all out. I am definitely going to be making more of the base books to turn in to assorted topics, already have a sewing/crafting one in mind and my daughter has insisted I make her one too lol.

Happy Scrapping!
Lady Blue

Ticket Book & Fall Wreath

As I mentioned in my last post I started on making a little book to store all my movie tickets. You can see a couple of pictures of how the book began in that post. From that point I hit a mental roadblock on how I wanted to proceed with the book. However I did think of a fun way to decorate the lid to the box.

What I did was mod podge the popcorn paper into the center and then edged it with extra ticket stubs cut down. I had a title made up from when I originally was going to make a scrapbook page but using it on the lid kinda took away from how cute it looks like this.


So I am going to put the title on the interior of the lid like so:


After completing that and looking at some more inspiration I decided how I was going to finish the book. One of the things holding me back was what to do with the pages. I had cut some manila folders to use as the pages and some of them had the logo on them. Covering them with decorative paper to cover it up would require taking the book back apart and re punching a bunch of holes. Sounded too much like work instead of fun. I decided to use some black Gesso canvas primer to create a border and then added some decorative paper in the centers.

Like this:


In the picture you can also see where I made one page smaller than the others. I did this alternating through the book having the smaller page near the top or the bottom.

Next came the task of adding parts of that scrapbook page I had already started that contained several of my tickets already glued down. I took the piece and cut it down, folded it, hole punched the corners to give it a ticket stub shape. Then I decorated the cover with more popcorn paper, bit of washi tape and some rub on letters. All tucked into a cute little “pocket” on the inside cover of the book. By the way do NOT use Beacon 3 in 1 crafting glue (amazing glue) to glue ticket stubs or receipts to anything if they are paper like the ones in the photo. Something about the glue causes the heat transfer qualities of the paper to completely black it out. Thankfully it only did it on a minor level on two tickets since I had glued them with something else first and was only doing some touch-ups. Test on a scrap of ticket stub or receipt first so you don’t ruin a special memento. On the rest of the tickets I used double sided tape.

Here is how that turned out along with page #1 of the book:


The little embellishments stick up off the page and add some nice dimension to it. The little ticket on the left page keeps the mini book from falling out the bottom.

Here are the next two pages:

I still have 15 double sided pages to use in the future so lots of room for more tickets. Not sure how I want to dress up the cover yet but front and back both have a pocket where things can be tucked in. I also am thinking of ways to finish off the exterior of the wooden box.

Ok on to the next thing I’ve done, a Fall wreath.

I saw a post on a facebook “I made this” page of a wreath a lady made. I asked her a couple questions about it and she provided me this link for the instructions she followed. http://millionmoments.net/2013/01/how-to-make-yarn-wreath.html Off I went and bought my supplies of foam ring circle, glue, yarn and fall leaf deco. (The spray glue is really important). Sat down today and began work on it while trying to relax a headache away. Wind wind wind wind.

And tada here is my wreath hanging on my door:


Hubby likes it and I think it turned out great.

Happy Fall and crafting!
Lady Blue

Busy Busy

Since you know I just moved then you’ll understand I have been busy getting the house sorted out. I have managed to do a couple little things crafty. But first we will discuss the shelves I was going to hang over the books.

I figured out where I wanted to place them and drug out my step stool, lined up the nail to start a hole and hit it with the hammer…… The wall told me “NO”. Ya the wall is solid concrete so that plan has been thwarted. I did find some great command strip Velcro tabs for hanging things so I have used those in a couple areas. However, the other shelves are way too thin to be able to get the right “grip” on the wall. I will find a new place for them elsewhere.

Since I couldn’t hang those shelves for the little jars I hooked the whole other shelf thing I had been using (is actually a ribbon holder minus the dowel) to the wall using the strips. The top of the little holder makes for an additional surface and currently is holding my distressed inks. Above the little shelf I added my magnetic whiteboard where I try to keep track of my daughter’s online school work lol.


Over here in this little spot near the door I have hung up my note board I made by re-purposing a door to my entertainment center. I also finally used my Clip It organizer. I’m using it for assorted ribbon rather than having the ribbon jammed in a box. It is sitting on that great drawer unit I picked up at Hobby Lobby a few months back.


Ok now on to crafty projects. I have several stepping stone type decorations. The one you see below had sat in the S Carolina weather and faded out the colors. It was pretty much the same boring grey all over. So I got out my paints and brightened it back up. I’m also going to put several layers of hard coat Modge Podge on it for protection.


I have a collection of movie ticket stubs from all the movies I have been to see. I have been trying to come up with a cool way to keep them rather than just shoved in some bag or box. After looking on Pinterest for some ideas I came up with this:

First I chose paper for the front and back and put those plus some chipboard covers (see here for when I bought them: https://bluecrafty.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/paper-and-haul/ ) into my Cinch to add the holes. I chose that specific size so it would fit into the little box I have been hanging on to.


Here you see the little book plus base pages bound with spiral next to the box I’m going to decorate.


And here it is fitting nicely into the box like I hoped it would.


I have already started decorating the box top and I will show that in a future post once I progress with the book further.

Hope all of you have been enjoying your own crafting

Lady Blue

Crafting Slump & Where Are Those Darn Envelopes??

So hard to do any crafting when you have visitors staying over lol. Love my Mom to death but I feel rude sitting in my craft area ignoring here while she is here. I have been watching several videos on you tube from crafters I have saved on Pinterest. One topic that I have enjoyed is altered pages. The ladies have been using a product called Gesso (said like “jess-o”). It is applied to the page in assorted ways (painting on or using a brayer) to thicken up and seal the page for adding other things, like inks and embellishments. I have a couple sketch pads I have not used yet and I am considering using those to try this out, though I am not sure if the paper is the right kind. I will have to do a test run and see if it just makes a huge mess. Of course I need to go buy some Gesso first.

While watching a mini album tutorial (with the sound off) the lady showed some really cute small envelopes that were cut to look like lace and had a small card to go inside. I thought they were really cool and tried to see the name of the product from the video. It was too blurry/small to make out. When I went back later to watch it with the volume on my computer had gone through an update and the link was no longer up. I couldn’t find the video again so I have been doing Google searches, watching Pinterest video pins I have done and anything else I can think of lol, all to no avail. I cannot find this darn video or the product used. GRR, I should have book marked it or something. If by chance you have any clue what I am talking about, please post the link in the comments. I still would like to find them. They looked to be about two inches by three inches. The packet had an assortment of styles in it and the cards and envelopes both had cutouts. One of the envelopes she showed had the entire thing cut out like lace. It was not made using a doily folded over.

Have a great weekend!
Lady Blue