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Holy cow, school started back up for both of my kids and I haven’t been able to do much of anything lately lol. I have participated in some individual swaps with ladies I have met through the Facebook Krazy Island Family group. A couple of them wanted to trade napkins and also some braille paper. Both of these items can be used in layering for mixed media projects. A few days ago I went to visit a Goodwill to see if they had anything fun. Usually I go and end up disappointed because there isn’t anything art related like I see other people find. This time I did find something.


The large item in the back is 18 x 24 inch vellum paper used in drafting. There is six sheets in the package and I thought they would do nicely in a junk journal. The art set was only missing the plastic tray and two of the brushes. The watercolor paints and paper pack had never been used. The pack of index cards are pre-printed with job contact info, project steps etc. These will be going into junk journals and also ephemera trades. The pack has three different colors. Next to that is a small blue dish. I think it may have been part of a candle holder set or something. I didn’t see anything for it to go in and they had it individually priced so I got it to add to my blue glass collection. Next to that was another item that wasn’t with the rest of what it should have been with. I do believe these are square lids for containers. They are made of glass and they have a plastic “gasket” to seal in freshness. They had these taped in sets of three so I nabbed a pack. I am going to use them as mixing dishes for paint etc. Finally I found a nice old dictionary that has the thin paper pages. My total for all of these items with tax was $13.00, not a bad deal.

I think it has been long enough that I can show my ATC’s I made for a swap. Here you see them all completed.


This image shows a close up of the coral and shell along with the sand. The images came from napkins I cut up. I mod-podged them to the card. After they were dry I went back and added some white dimensional paint to the coral. I also added a little bit of sand using liquid glass as glue.


This image gives you a better look at the little cloud. I made this by wiping away gelato through a stencil. Then I added the grey from an inktense pencil.


I did have a surgery on my jaw a few weeks ago. It has healed well. Time will tell as the swelling goes away if it has improved my issue. That’s about it for me lol.

Hope you are having a great week so far! Here is a link to a free printable for some collage bits and tags http://www.paperwishes.com/images/products/4232.pdf

New Page in my Moleskine

I was feeling a bit inspired after creating my newest batch of ATC’s. I cannot show those yet as I have to put them in the mail today and I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the people getting them. They inspired me to create a new journal page.

To start the page I put down a piece of masking tape in the center. This stops color from seeping through to other pages. Next I covered the pages with gesso. I created the background using Faber Castell Gelatos. I rubbed them around the page using a baby wipe. Once I got the colors how I liked I used a cloud stencil and rubbed the page clean of color through it. A really neat way to make clouds. I got out some molding paste and dabbed it here and there in the water to create the appearance of some small waves coming to shore. The added texture is really fun. The seashells are cut from a napkin then attached to some cream card-stock using gel medium. I then fussy cut them and added a little shading using my new Derwent Inktense pencils. The final step was to put some Aleen’s Paper Glaze over them. I got this far on it and felt a little stumped on what to add to it. I posted the picture to the KIF Facebook group for some creative suggestions.


After reading the suggestions I dug through my sticker stash and found some things that would go perfect on the page. I added a beach chair, sand castle and two birds, along with some shading here and there. I like how well they go with the page and aren’t weird looking because of being stickers. The stickers are from Creative Memories and I have had them for at least ten years. I also found some summer/beach quotes in my stash. This one seemed to fit perfect with the layout. I used some Liquid Pearl around the edge. If you click on the image you can really zoom in to read the quote and see the details.


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week.

Napkin Swap

Just a quick post to show the other two sets of napkins I received from the people in my swap group. All the napkins that I got were different, so much fun!
Really love the Asian theme black and white one on the right and also the butterfly/dragonfly in the top left.


This one also included a few pieces of patterned tissue paper.


I have started making videos for you tube but so far all I have done is a couple of “haul” video. Just things I picked up during shopping trips. When I make a “tutorial” or “flip and talk about” I will link the video here to share.

Hope everyone is having a great week. Almost the weekend!

Lady Blue

KIF Napkin Swap & Week 13

Been a little behind with my 48 weeks pages. It’s hard to find the time to sit down and do them when you have company. My Mom came out for about a month so she could be here for both kid’s birthdays. I did manage to get week 13 finished and I’ve also been part of a napkin swap with KIF.

First here is week 13 from Donna,


and here is mine


Here are a few close-ups of some of the page texture and how the paint caught on it. This was a pretty fun page.




Next up is the KIF napkin swap. Napkins can be used many ways to add interest and texture to your mixed media creations. If you remember I used napkins on my idea cards here: https://bluecrafty.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/new-art-journal-pages-deck-of-cards/

Naturally, different areas of the US and world will receive different assortments of napkins in their stores. Because there are so many kinds out there KIF had a napkin swap where we could share some of those fun napkins with each other to expand our choices for projects. We were put into groups of five and were to send out 10 napkins to each person in the swap. (four mailings per person) 10 different ones (of course if possible). Additionally patterned tissue paper could be used to finish out the 10 if someone only had eight kinds etc. I wont show what I sent out just in case someone in my group peeks at my page. Don’t want to ruin their fun by seeing what they get before it makes it to them. Here are the envelopes I decorated for them. The blue paper is covering the person’s mailing address for privacy. I splattered some metallic water colors on the paper and also added a handmade stamp image. Sealed the package using some fun butterfly packing tape.


Here are a few napkins I have received so far.



There are a couple I know I will never use so I will add them to my RAK (random act of kindness) box to be included in some “happy mail” for someone else. When using them in your project, it is sometimes best to separate the layers. Most good napkins are triple ply. You only really need the layer that has the images on it.

I have a couple more things I have been working on but I will save those for the next posting. I hope everyone has been having a great art and crafty couple of weeks.

Lady Blue

Unusual Craft/Art Supplies

After watching a few you tube videos (Donna Downey, Imperfect Impulses to name a couple) I learned of some products that aren’t sold as art/crafting supplies but can certainly be used that way. To start off lets talk about Magic Mesh re-positional adhesive mesh. After doing a search I see that Stampin up sells/sold it but I did not buy it through them. I have had this particular mesh longer than knowing about SU lol.


As you can see it comes in an assortment of colors at a yard for about $2.00 to $4.00 on up in the listings I see on EBay. Not sure how much SU sells theirs for. But wait look again, that white mesh isn’t the same stuff even though it looks like it. Check this picture out below to see my huge 300 foot roll:


Holy cow 300 feet of it!! I bet that cost a gajillion! No actually it was about $8.00 from Lowes home center. It is called fibatape and it is self adhesive drywall tape. It is exactly the same stuff lol. And being that it is white you can use markers, inks etc to color it anyway you want. I’ll have mesh tape for years using this huge roll.

So now you know to look in the hardware/home improvement stores for fun things to use too. Here is some more stuff that you can keep a look out for:


On the far left is some tape stuff with circles, this is also drywall tape. it is white paper with an adhesive back, you’ll find it right next to the mesh tape. Next to that is some silver tape stuff. That is aluminum tape. It is actual aluminum foil with some super super sticky glue to the back (comes with peel off paper on the back). It is made by 3M and if you go in Lowes or similar store just ask for aluminum foil duct tape. My roll is 50yds worth and I think I paid around the same price for it as the other tape stuff. You may find some that has 3M printed all over it but keep looking, they do make it plain as you can see in the photo. Now in perspective I previously posted about that 1/4th inch width foil tape made for Inksentials by Ranger for $2.00 I bought on a shopping haul from Tuesday Mornings. That roll is only 2 1/4 across with about 1/2 inch thick of it being the tape wound on there. Have to cut the 3M tape down for smaller projects but its the SAME stuff!

Also in that picture you can see a white and pink roll. Those are the cloth tape from the band-aid area, the pink is from the athletic department, both were about $4.00 each. Last is a roll of masking tape, which is also sold as freezer tape. You can use stamps with this and make your own washi tapes.


Here is a roll of paint-able wallpaper. I think this is the most expensive item non “crafting/art” I picked up. It was $17.00 for 20.5″ wide by 56′ long. I will NEVER need to buy any again lol. I thought this would look awesome added as the background on pages, canvas panels etc, to add an additional fun texture.

Next up is napkins, I found these at a Tuesday morning for about $1.50 a packet. They are triple ply so when you peel off just the printed layer it is like tissue paper and can be deco-podged onto things. Such as the cards shown in the following picture. I’ll explain the cards in a future post.



Lastly, be on the lookout for random items that might be handy. These little metal clip things were on some sock I purchased. They held each set together in the bundle. I thought it would be fun to alter them and use them as some kind of tab embellishment. If they don’t work then no money lost because they were in essence, trash.


Hope everyone has had a great weekend, hope your week ahead turns out fabulous too. Make sure to keep an open mind when out shopping on what you can use in place of more costly crafting product items. Helps to think outside the box sometimes 😉

If you know of any fun “replacement” products like I have listed, feel free to share them.
Lady Blue